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Xenia Deli in Shitty Catalog Lingerie Pics of the Day

Xenia Deli is my favorite Deli, the kind of Deli I’d like to visit twice a day, you know to lick the salami sandwich in her panties, especially when looking at pics of her wearing panties, not that there’s much competition in terms of Deli’s I visit, because they are all run by fat, greasy lookin’ dudes who make me want to throw-up while eating the sandwich they made me, knowing that they probably didn’t wash their hands after taking a huge deli worker dump….so she’s a great looking girl, easy to look at and to compare to other delis, but the fact is, these catalog shots fucking suck even if she’s half naked in it.

I mean she’s hot, but there’s something creepy about a woman with her nipples photoshopped out. Just ask Angelina Jolie and her Zombie tits.


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  1. HorneyLohanWanker says:

    Did you pull these pix out of the sears catalog?

    Why waste database space?

  2. MadamMeow says:

    I would love for Angelina’s zombie tits to come devour my tits and then my zombie tits can go around devouring other tits and that would make the world mother fucking cool & shit.

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