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Sugar Baby Xenia Deli on the Beach of the Day

At one point in time, not that long ago, Xenia Deli was the model who’s deli meat I wanted to eat….you know squeeze that shit between my fingers and make it look like a fucking sandwich….

I was one of her biggest advocates, I campaigned for her, I went to bat for her, I celebrated her and I would say “WHY INTERNET WHY DOES NO ONE CARE ABOUT XENIA DELI”….you see because she was so hot, yet unable to secure some mainstream success…but like the
Moldavian she is, she turned to sex work, fell in love with a billionaire as these things happen, and now does shoots to seem like she’s not a mooch, despite being a mooch, as she knows sex workers must maintain…

Apparently she’s only 26, I mean that looks like some kind of lie on her papers when she escaped communism…her ass is sagging, her discipline isn’t there, because you give a bitch that billionaire life..and they start slacking…

Here she in on the beach regardless…and she’s not dead yet, in fact she’s way more expensive now…luxurious and exclusive…

Here she is with another hooker named Sandra Kubica….

Here is a video of her looking good in the ocean….

Here she is with her Sugar Daddy / Billionaire Husband….who clearly doesn’t fuck around.

Here she is with a homeless guy, keeping it real, in what I consider a great pic…

That’s been enough Xenia Deli…..for the day.

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Xenia Deli Poses With Asses of the Day


Xenia Deli posted up a picture of a bunch of ass, just not her ass, in what could be a photoshoot, or what could be her financing a get together with a bunch of her girls, now that she’s not some poor immigrant trying to get ahead in the new world, or some war torn communist, but rather the star of a Bieber video, who can “afford” to bring friends and family for a get away..

As.it turns out, it may have been her wedding, to her sponsor..who she publicly tags, which deserves some respect, most of these girls don’t let people know the rich guys they marry…even though they financed their lives….because they like to keep some things private…right….

She’s up there as one of the hottest, least celebrated models…but she found pure, true love…private jet love…Romance…

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 1.44.54 PM

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 1.45.01 PM

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 1.45.24 PM

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 1.47.34 PM

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Xenia Deli’s Naked Beach Shoot from Last Year of the Day


Xenia Deli, the Jewish Meat sandwich named model who is probably not Jewish…is not as famous as she should be…

She’s 27, on the tail end of her career as a model, and the biggest thing she’s done to date was a Bieber video, where she pretty much simulated sex with him…

But other than a few catalog shoots, she never quite HIT big….and probably never will, but that doesn’t mean she’s not as good as a good sandwich..or that I wouldn’t want to eat her sandwich or that she’s not willing to get sand in her sandwich when you use sandwich as a reference for cunt.

These are old pics…but they are lovely because they are naked attempts to hit big before she’s forgotten…she’s worked too hard to get to this point…can’t give up now…


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Xenia Deli Hot Model Lingerie of the Day


Xenia Deli may be named after your favorite place to get Jewish meat sandwiches…in her panties…not that she’s Jewish because she’s from Eastern Europe / former USSR, where the Jewish had to denounce being Jewish otherwise they would get killed off…

She is and owns the best meat sandwich I want dripping off my face when looking at her is hiding in her panties…panties I would take off with my mouth, and she’d probably let me, since despite being one of the hottest, she’s never quite make it like her sex working sisters Irina Shayk…and all other Russian models…I have no idea why, especially with the name Xenia…you’d think nerds everywhere would buy into this…like I have…not that I ever feel like a nerd, I’m more of the coolest person wherever I go while everyone else are fucking losers, who looks homeless and unshowered so I keep it on the downlow..

Not that this is about it, it’s not, it’s about perfection in the form of this deli meat…

These pics are for something called “Design Scene”…

TO SEE HER IN SHITTY CATALOG LINGERIE PICS ,A HREF=”http://forum.drunkenstepfather.com/showthread.php?t=78145″ TARGET=”_BLANK”> CLICK HERE

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Xenia Deli Eats Herself Out of the Day


Xenia Deli been around for a while, but I saw her big break while getting a lap dance at a strip club a few weeks ago, when their background video wasn’t the usual porn, but rather music videos set to the song they were playing…and Xenia Deli’s song happened to be one of Bieber’s songs….and she’s pretty much fucking him in video, which would make it safe to assume she’s fucked him in life…and when you’re some immigrant model naked after a place where meat runs rampant…in what could be your big break piggy backing on the massive pop star…you do what you gotta…

You see, she’s from a place where hotter women then her are sold and traded for less than she makes an hour, making her a bit more grateful in her life, being the different kind of prostitute, the better kind of prostitute…who does it on her own terms because she is considered a model…which to rich guys, is interchangeable..and when it looks like this, it should make you want to be a rich dude….

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Xenia Deli Dancing for Love Magazine of the Day

Xenia Deli is one of the hotter models, or was one of the hotter new faces, over a decade ago before instagram decided who the next hot new faces were, when actual immigrants somehow worked their way into random campaigns, in her case nothing substantial ,but lingerie and swim, never getting very famous, but bringing the world a bunch of e-commerce catalog pics….

Now all modeling is some rich kid with the right family system in place, you know famewhoring parents who will hire a staff to help famewhore their daughters, because their kids have the same morals and values as their parents, and think being famous is SUPER important…

I don’t know where Xenia Deli is from, she’s been around for a while though. I don’t know what rich guys she’s fucked, or “dated” as the sugar babies like, but her name being DELI always reminds me of an old fat Jewish men with mustard stains on his shirt fresh after a lunch meeting…eating loose meat sandwiches, which I guess could be code for PUSSY…a pussy you’re probably not rich enough to eat.

Love Magazine keeps bringing the videos for their Advent Calendar that has nothing to do with Christmas, but everything to do with December…

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Xenia Deli in Underwear of the Day


Xenia Deli is a model that consistently reminds me of a roast beef sandwich pussy…for obvious reasons…her name is fucking Deli..which I guess also reminds me of old fat Jewish men with mustard stains on his shirt after a lunch meeting…and what it comes down to, when you look like Xenia, her name doesn’t matter, and even if it was a name she got for having a meaty pussy, I would be still down in eating it, or having it smother me and rock back and forth on my face..dripping off my chin and onto my shirt…because pussy is created equally…and I love all pussy…even the gross ones…not so much the infected ones, but in my old age I’ve realized…a slit, or a mangled fleshy mess…is still a fucking pussy and when it comes to fucking pussy…its all fucking great…

Here she is in Calvins.

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Xenia Deli Shoves her Bra for New Yorker Lingerie of the Day

Xenia Deli is some model who is ridiculously hot, but also is shoving her bra full of chicken cutlets to look like she’s got tits…for some lingerie company I’ve never heard of, but that I would want to lick off of her…no matter how long it would take for the acidity in my saliva to melt away her panties…I am willing to commit, because I am equal part pervert and unemployed…who has all the time in the world to show her that taking off her panties can be way wetter, rash inducing and pleasurable at least for me, if she just lays back and lets me put it to work…

Here are those catalog pics.

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Gavin Bond’s Xenia Deli and Sloveig Mork Pics of the Day

His name is GAVIN BOND and either he’s a great photographer or he gets access to babes like one of the best out there, Xenia Deli…

Sure Xenia Deli may be named after your favorite place to get Jewish meat sandwiches…but the only meat sandwich I want when looking at her is hiding in her panties…a sandwich I would eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a fucking snack. I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before, but it’s friday and when a babe is named after a DELI, I have limited options…I mean why am I even writing anything about her – just look at the fucking pics asshole – that is why I posted them.

Her friend’s name is Sloveig Mork..another insane name for an insane body…I mean I love these immigrant girls…especially half naked.

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Xenia Deli in Lingerie of the Day

One of the hotter models out there is Xenia Deli. I just don’t think the industry has really eaten her up as much as she’d like, or really as much as I’d like, because she’s a serious fucking babe. Far more impressive to look at than I’d say 99 percent of working models, actors or really anyone. The kind of girl you look at and think her existence is unfair because she’s almost flawless, and the only real angle you have to tease her is her name, since it reminds you of a sloppy, meaty, greasy pussy…but when attached to this, it’s the kind of panty deli you would bury yourself in…making her just an immigrant angel sent from heaven, who should be doing classier campaigns that whatever this low level stripper/sex shop looking garbage is…


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