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The Helen Flanagan Bikini Fail I Call a Win of the Day

Helen Flanagan is a UK Soap Star turned Glamour Model…and the people at NUTS, being TITTY Obessed journalists, have published a couple of pics of what they are saying are her first full tit exposed pics, but based on the direction of her career, from Soap Star to Glamour Model…the only logical step for her would be to go from Glamour Model to Pornstar…

I don’t really know what she’s doing and I’m not complaining, because I like busty young girls topless as much as the next guy, especially when they were once on TV, but normally they only end up topless because they need to pay rent, you know cuz all has failed. They are not getting topless because they just want to be topless, because that being on TV has nothing on being topless in magazines…and despite the whole thing being awesome, it is totally fucking weird and makes no sense…

I’ll still stare at the pics, cuz I am not her career councillor, but I should be at a local high school cuz my advice would always look a lot like this…or stripping…or cam girl..cuz it’s all about making money as easily as possible…

The fact remains that I never heard of her when she was on TV, but I have now that she’s doing this, so maybe she’s got it all figured out, and I like the way she’s doing it.

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