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Isabeli Fontana Modelling Lingerie of the Day

Isabelli Fontana is one of my favorite models, not that I keep track of models or really remember any by name, or even by face, I kind of just stare at their half naked bodies and cross reference them to my wife’s nude body, usually when she’s getting out of her bath, to try to understand who the fuck they are the same species, gender or breed of animal. It almost makes no sense, I’ve see animals that look more like my wife than this…mainly pigs…and I can’t quite figure out who the freak of nature is, this Isabelli Fontana babe, or the babe pig in the city I married…I’m gonna go with both are on the extreme side of the spectrum, but for the sake of humanity, I think Isabeli Fontana is what girls are supposed to look like and was sent here to get all your lazy bitches to work…and as far as I’m concerned she’s pretty lovely modelling them there lingerie.

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  1. denis says:

    j’ai toujours aimé la lingerie sexy

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