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Doutzen Kroes, Isabeli Fontant and Natashy Poly Tits for Balmain of the Day


I always assumed no one gave a fuck about Doutzen Kroes – because Victoria’s Secret, a mall brand, threw her out….and no one was upset about it…except maybe her and her husband because it would mean that she’s around more…

She’s a fucking mom with a bunch of kids, sure she still looks good, but when a mall brand gets rid of you, you’d think a fashion brand wouldn’t touch you…then you remember that all this bullshitt is connected…and that all this bullshit is bullshit…and that Kim Kardashian is a big advocate for this brand Balmain…meaning despite being overpriced it’s ghetto as fuck….and has no standards…

But it does feature tits..and I like model tits in ads…it works for me.

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Isabeli Fontana is Naked on Dudes for CR Fashion Book of the Day


Isabeli Fontana posing with tween boys for what we can assume is the photographer’s fetish…naked women on young clothed men…I’ve seen that porn category….but I think it was called Clothed Female Nude Male…so this is the opposite – CR Fashion book..so innovative..

I guess what we all know, or what I know, because I have to write content on meaningless people everyday – over and over and I only retain one useless fact about them and in Isabeli Fontana’s case…her win…was being a fetish model for a brand called Victoria’s Secret – when she was under age…

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Isabeli Fontana in Bathing Suits for a Magazine of the Day


Isabeli Fontana is a Brazilian model who started modeling at 13….because she was poor and this is what they pray on…and who was in Victoria’s Secret at 16, because Victoria’s Secret are sex offender, child pornographers, bringing minors to homes across America that men masturbate to, without making the girls prove they are 18, in what I call a flaw in the fucking system….

THE hypocrites where billion dollar companies are above the fucking law when they should be locked up like the perverts they are…

The same LIES that apply to Hollywood…leading to people like Corey Haim being child raped…where no one goes down for the crime…but the second a gym coach does it…everyone is up in arms…and they lock that fucker up, where he gets killed in prison because exploiting children is fucking disgusting…as they all should…

She was listed in the top 20 top earning models…which is the same list I have for the top 20 models I want to marry…K-Fed for life. Too bad, I’m already married and my model is actually a vintage stock, but not the good vintage stock, the vintage stock that is all you can afford…because you’re poor and can’t be picky…

She’s still working at what must be 100 years old…

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Recently Married Isabeli Fontana naked in Maldives of the Day


Isabeli Fontana is a great recently married to some internation singing sensation model – who was once married to Bob Marley’s son, and who has been married to other people, because I guess when you have nothing else to do with your time, seeing as you’re a basically retired model, you get married as a hobby, some bitches can’t get enough Romance…

She posted these uneventful hard nipple and naked ass pics to her instagram – that’s against instagram policy, but not her policy, she was half naked modeling at 16 for Victoria’s Secret….DIRTY GIRL…who didn’t know better…she was all immigrant cashing in…too young to know what was right or wrong as the American execs / perverts…were cashing in off them youthful tits…


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Isabali Fontana Ass for Vogue Paris of the Day


Isabeli Fontana the Victoria’s Secret model who was recruited at 15 to work for the lingerie brand…because having a safe space studio filled with male photographers telling young teenage girls to cover up their pussy because they can see some lip in the panty pics…is fashion baby…well not actual fashion, let’s be real, Victoria’s Secret is some made in china bullshit they sew their labels on and sell to fat white people trying to buy into a dream – thanks to being all american – basics who are exactly what democracy and capitalism intended to cultivate through the morals and values instilled in materialistic consumerism…

It’s like, yeah – these cheap panties will give you the fucking life you deserve and they are 3 for 9 dollars – perfect for my cashier salary…insanity..

Not nearly as insane as the fact that they were essentially sex offenders, what you’d get arrested doing outside the highschool, but they didn’t get in trouble for it with this babe, because no one cares about 16 year olds when they are imported / human trafficked into high paying model jobs…the law just doesn’t apply…

That said, it’s 20 years later and Fontana is still perfect…a mom, old, but perfect…in a world where so many young girls are producing slutty content you’d think would make these moms obsolete – but don’t….because nostalgia..

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Isabeli Fontana’s See Through of the Day


If you look at this picture from the right angle – maybe with your screen brightness jacked up – you can see her tits…

You may not remember, know or care about Isabeli Fontana, but I remember her being one of the first Brazilian models before the whole Brazilian model shit went crazy, who worked for Victoria’s Secret, half naked at 15 o 16 years old…because to people like me, taking pictures of half named 16 year olds is illegal and will get you arrested and raped in prison – but if you’re a billion dollar corporate Mall brand..it’s celebrated….those young fit bodies…so perfect in made in China sweatshop wares.

She’s been naked for fashion before, she’s 32 and an old timer, she’s seen some shit, from a bunch of rich dudes, to having a bunch of kids, but she’s still got it going on….and that’s really a rare gem….

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Isabeli Fontana for Marie Claire Brazil of the Day


Isabeli Fontana was at one point a child model, making a lot of photographers, including the people at Victoria’s Secret, some low level Roman Polanksis….telling a half naked 16 year old to spread her legs more….

It’s typical of these imported models, who have been pretty much given to their agents from their parents to make it in America, to just do what they are told…

So from a young age, she’s been taking direction and is open to getting naked, making her interesting, even in her old mom years, because you know that ingrained in her personality and work ethic is a girl who will do what she’s told…for money…to please her team…and clients…

Much like a hooker, but positioned as a model..clever scam they have going on…

Here she is in Marie Claire Brazil…because she’s Brazilian. It all makes so much sense…

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Isabeli Fontana in Lingerie for Old Times of the Day


Isabeli Fontana is the old mom of a model who is still modeling lingerie…decades after she was hired by Victoria’s Secret at 15 or 16 to model their lingerie in their catalog…meaning the brand PAID A 15 or 16 YEAR OLD girl they imported from Brazil to get into her panties…like they were Jared from Subway…but it was before the internet really existed…or could ruin them…and the general public just let it fucking slide…and the photographer hired…was never charged as a sex offender…but I would advise against you shooing pics of a 15 or 16 year old in your basement in her Lingerie…even if you’re a Roman Polanksi in training…you’ll be treated less like the panty mall brand…and more like a fucking criminal you are…because the world is not fair when you are protected by billions of dollars and a Limited Liability Corporation….

So keep buying your panties from Victoria’s Secret…you hypocritical Jesus freaks fully absorbed in your mall brand… mall shopping habits…while Isabeli, hot even when old and a mom Isabeli…poses for some other brand…

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Isabeli Fontana’s Nipple Peak in Vouge Brasil of the Day


Isabeli Fontana may be old…but she’s still lovely…because she’s one of the first Brazlian models abducted by the team at Victoria’s Secret, offering her the dream…because for some reason these Victoria’s Secret people love girls from other countries…there must be a reason for that…maybe they are more affordable, easier to control, don’t have a legal team…who knows…

More interestingly, she was abducted by the brand at 16, and due to some protest, because 16 in lingerie is creepy, she’s also one of the last underage girls to pose in her underwear for Victoria’s Secret..

Something that probably makes your pervert ass so mad, because 16 in lingerie for national billion dollar brands…is exhilarating for your masturbation…when I think it’s morally fucked up…and they shoulda gone to prison for it..

Well, now she’s still got tits, possibly bigger now than ever due to all her babies…and she’s showing a sliver of nipple which is better than no nipple…that’s a fact, google it.

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Isabeli Fontana for Maxim of the Day


Isabeli Fontana is in Maxim, despite being 100 years old…is still amazing.

She’s one of the first Brazlian models abducted by the team at Victoria’s Secret, offering her the dream they sell these people with, that actually end up working out for most of them…

She’s also one of the last underage girls to pose in her underwear for Victoria’s Secret because they abducted her when she was 16….

She’s done all kinds of modeling, all while being busty, which is a good thing because we like tits..

She’s also got kids, she’s been married a few times to rich guys, she was recently engaged to one of Bob Marley’s many sons until recently, and now she’s doing Maxim…all busty…which is a good thing because we like tits…

The previous owners of Maxim were a bunch of lawyer assholes who emailed me everytime I’d post their picture, even when the pics were found on instagram, but they apparently sold their pile of shit, relevant in the 90s, magazine to some young Texan rich dude in his 30s, so let’s hope he’s not as fucking lame and useless as them, which based on the pics he’s pulled together since buying the magazine,using real models and photographers, he’s not…

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Isabeli Fontana for Harper’s Bazaar Spain of the Day


There was a time – when Isabeli Fontana was an underage lingerie model from Brazil, who booked a Victoria’s secret campaign, a dream for all models, before ever graduating from high school, or even before having a driver’s license…yet Victoria’s Secret, never went to jail for this underage lingerie shoots…either did their photographers…since like Disney before them, they’ve been able to beat the legal system when it comes to these things…Sex Offending and inappropriate photoshoots with teen girls, is for poor people….

She’s been in the scene forever…because she is no longer that 16 year old lingerie model from Brazil getting naked for predatorial corporations…in fact she has a bunch of kids….with what I assume are rich people…and she was even engaged to a black man…who was one of Bob Marley’s son…scandalous…

Now she’s still mdoeling, and I think she’s fucking amazing, but I always have, so ere she is in Harper’s Bazaar…

Not naked, not exciting, but still Isabeli Fontana and sometimes that’s enough….

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Isabeli Fontana Wins Christmas of the Day

This has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas, but it is part of THE LOVE MAGAZINE peepshow advent calendar…and it does involve the amazing Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana, who you may know as being the model to make Victoria’s Secret use 18 and over models, since they cast her to be in her panties when she was 16, making them child pornographers who never went to jail for it, thanks to being billionaires…

She’s been in the scene forever…she has a bunch of kids….with what I assume are rich people…she was engaged to a black man…and now she’s Pole Dancing for Christmas like a good little harlot…

I am all about this kind of non-secular Christmas celebration…Jesus was born for Coca Cola to invest Santa…and for me to celebrate Christmas themed erotica….

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The Model Nudity in LUI Magazine’s Summer Issue of the Day

Tomorrow, Lui Magazine releases their summer issue…

For those of you who don’t know, Lui Magazine , is one of those fashion magazines that is pretty much what Playboy used to be, it presents nude models in a “classy” and artistic way, makes ad money, and in turn releases models who would otherwise not show their vaginas, because they work for Victoria’s Secret, showing their vagina…so clearly, they are doing something right…and any excuse to get a girl naked that works is an excuse I like..

Plus, the photographer MARK SEGAL is pretty fucking awesome

This issue features:

Magdalena Frackowiak

Emily Didonato

Sara Sampaio

Lais Riberio

Isabeli Fontana

Karmen Peradu

AND it is amazing – Check Out Lui Magazine

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Isabeli Fontana in Porter Magazine of the Day

There was a time – when Isabeli Fontana was an underage lingerie model from Brazil, who booked a Victoria’s secret campaign, a dream for all models, before ever graduating from high school, or even before having a driver’s license…yet Victoria’s Secret, never went to jail for this underage lingerie shoots…either did their photographers…since like Disney before them, they’ve been able to beat the legal system when it comes to these things…Sex Offending and inappropriate photoshoots with teen girls, is for poor people….

She’s 30 now, has a bunch of kids, is doing this shoot for some magazine and I think she’s amazing….even though I should hate her as much as her uterus does for doing this to her…even though she still looks awesome!

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Isabeli Fontana for Lindex Spring 2014 of the Day

Isabeli Fontana is 30 and has a bunch of kids, yet can still pull off lingerie, even if it is form fitting lingerie, like she was still a 16 year old working for Victoria’s Secret, only to get Victoria’s Secret in trouble for using underage lingerie models in their perverted campaigns, because Victoria’s Secret is a wholesome brand that sells to Christian women, even though they are really just accessible porn…

Not that it matters, this isn’t about Victoria’s Secret, those motherfuckers need to stop making every hot bitch and underwear company about them.

It’s about Isabeli Fontana and her half nakedness…look

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