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Isabeli Fontana Slutty Magazine Cover of the Day

Isabeli Fontana Slutty Magazine Cover

Isabeli Fontana is a Brazilian model who started modeling at 13….and who was in Victoria’s Secret at 16, because Victoria’s Secret are sex offender, child pornographers, bringing minors to homes across America that men masturbate to, without making the girls prove they are 18, in what I call a flaw in the fucking system…..

Why don’t you get them fired like they were Matt Lauer, you know have every mall in America cut their lease agreements, and get VISA and MASTERCARD to stop doing business with them…since they are fucking perverts..

And why the fuck hasn’t Seacrest gone down yet? He’s the actual biggest pervert around and the network is running campaign commercials saying how great he is, when I know first HAND that he’s a fucking predator on hot aspiring models trying to make it in LA…

Sure this has nothing to do with MOM Fontana showing her tits, but I just go where my head takes me…what the fuck am I supposed to say about Fontana, I don’t give a fuck about her or who she is….and I’m sure the feeling is mutual.

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