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Halle Berry Bikini Booty from a Distance of the Day

Halle Berry Bikini Booty

Halle Berry lives matter….and she’s black like Halle Berry…which isn’t black at all…you know since she was raised white, and the only black thing about her is that she never met her dad who was black….

She may have been called names growing up because she was the different one in her white highschool, like the fat chick she got teased, getting all insecure before going to Hollywood and living the rich famous girl life….she got for being accessible and white enough for producers to work with her in movies – to appear like they are diverse…

She has no idea what the plight of the black man is, yet she is marketed as though she does and the whole thing would offend me, like she was a racist – if she didn’t have some rockin tits, even in her old age….rockin tits.

This is her ass though, not so bad for a 100 year old, those Black GENES coming in handy, like they have so often for her…

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  • Lacey W

    Do we really know it is her?