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Isabali Fontana Ass for Vogue Paris of the Day


Isabeli Fontana the Victoria’s Secret model who was recruited at 15 to work for the lingerie brand…because having a safe space studio filled with male photographers telling young teenage girls to cover up their pussy because they can see some lip in the panty pics…is fashion baby…well not actual fashion, let’s be real, Victoria’s Secret is some made in china bullshit they sew their labels on and sell to fat white people trying to buy into a dream – thanks to being all american – basics who are exactly what democracy and capitalism intended to cultivate through the morals and values instilled in materialistic consumerism…

It’s like, yeah – these cheap panties will give you the fucking life you deserve and they are 3 for 9 dollars – perfect for my cashier salary…insanity..

Not nearly as insane as the fact that they were essentially sex offenders, what you’d get arrested doing outside the highschool, but they didn’t get in trouble for it with this babe, because no one cares about 16 year olds when they are imported / human trafficked into high paying model jobs…the law just doesn’t apply…

That said, it’s 20 years later and Fontana is still perfect…a mom, old, but perfect…in a world where so many young girls are producing slutty content you’d think would make these moms obsolete – but don’t….because nostalgia..

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