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Emily Didonato’s Hot in Interview of the Day

Emily Didonato is posing pretty hot for Interview magazine, who I guess decided to interview her, because she’s a person of interest, you know cuz all commercial models are, even the ones handing tampons out outside of Costco…but as good as she is at posing in pictures or even to stare at for long periods of time, I see one thing and one thing only, and that’s the stain on her soul that came from having sex with Jake Gyllenhaal…a fate worse than AIDS to someone like me who hates Jake Gyllenhaal, and that might be AIDS to her, because there is no way that flamer is straight and not having unprotected sex in gay bathhouses around the world….

I don’t care how good a bitch is to look at, when she pulls groupie stunts with actors, they are dead to me, but the good news is they are the kind of dead you’d fuck if you found them on the side of the road still warm….

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