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Miley Cyrus in Panties for Terry Richardson of the Day

I wasn’t going to bother doing another post on Miley Cyrus, because ultimately, who really cares about her new music video, or her obvious publicity stunts, except maybe me, because seeing her pussy in tight little cotton panties all jacked up, while wearing a wife beater thanks to Terry Richardson being the 50 year old every 20 year old wants to get naked for because he can give them that edge they think they are looking for, even though he’s just a soft core pornographer, that tricked fashion….is amazing…

I am a fan of her little body, her broken rich girl trying to make more money hustle, even if she looks like a bull dyke ready to lure me in with her cow-sized tongue, only to bite my dick off, because dykes hate dicks…and I hate dykes…

That said…Moley Cyrus is onto something….something I want to fuck.

But I get it, if I wasn’t such a pervert, I’d hate this bitch too.

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  1. HorneyLohanWanker says:

    When did Justin Bieber start wearing lipstick?

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