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Jessie J in a Bikini of the Day

I don’t know if anyone cares about Jessie J, a UK popstar who may be popular here, but I can’t be too sure, because I avoid pop music as hard as I can, not because I am some obscure hipster who only likes the sounds of pots and pans being beat against pavement rhythmically, but because I am convinced these corporate run puppets are trying to brain wash me through the radio and that shit scares me…I mean I know lyrics to Lady Gaga songs, and I don’t even know lyrics to songs I like, and more importantly, I have never put on a Lady Gaga song…proving to me that this illuminati music shit is real fucking life…

What I do know is that Jessie J used to rock the leotard on stage, and now she’s rocking a bikini in some twitter pics I can’t jerk off to, because she’s not naked, but I’ll post anyway, because you probably can…

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  • Bazliver

    Looking like the lesbian she is. More manly than a drunken stepfather.