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Farrah Abraham Gets Her Vagina Cast of the Day

Anyone with a brain probably hates Farrah Abraham…for not having a brain…but I think she’s lovely…ever since I first heard about her SEX TAPE and realized this broken reality star, nympho teen mom, who likes anal and squirting, because she’s broken, nymph teen mom, looking for more attention, I knew she was special…

Here her insane video…with quotes like “People are going to jack off to me…it’s crazy”…. or “I need the Anal part to be longer” or “I was in this position when giving birth to my daughter”….or “The anus and the vagina area…” while getting her pussy and asshole moulded for a sex doll you can buy to fuck because your life is just that shitty….makes me happy…

Watch the clip…it’s nuts…at least nuts in terms of how shameless she is…she’s owning this and it’s good…

To see her squirting in her sex tape….in a Exclusive from May…. CLICK HERE

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  • Travis

    Way to keep it classy, Farrah…

  • lakawak

    I love the anal squirting. Mainly because there are actually people who believe it. People who have never taken a biology course in their lives.