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Kylie Minogue’s 2014 Calendar of the Day

Breast Cancer survivor Kylie Minogue has a 2014 Calendar out, which makes sense because she’s in her 40s, and still remembers a time when calendars were relevant, and people did not have computers or smart phones…you know a simpler time when creepers would put their favorite pin-up in their locker at the shop, or in the garage they worked at, because knowing the date comes in handy while counting the days off until you die…

I don’t know if this is a breast cancer campaign, which would make sense, because why would she need the 500 dollars she’ll make selling these to her 8 fans who would actually pay for this…while the other 30 fans she’s got will wait until 2015 when they can pick it up for a discount….

But I do know that she’s looking pretty fucking awesome considering everything she’s been through, like being born in the 60s.

If that doesn’t excite you – because Calendars are Some Dated Shit – Here’s a fashion video she did for GQ Germany…

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