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Doutzen Kroes Forgot her Victoria’s Secret Bra of the Day

You’d think that being a Victoria’s Secret model, you’d have all the push up bras needed to make your tits look like implants, but yet mom and babe Doutzen Kroes threw that option out that window and said to herself “I’m gonna let my mom tits sag” but in some random imported accent…and I guess in protest to the brand that made her and paid her a lot of money…like a teenage girl trying to piss off her dad by fucking a black dude…only worse because I hate when the truth in titties is thrown down my throat…like when you bring a girl home with you only for the padded underwire shit to reveal her A-Cups…and not even because I hate small tits, in fact I love small tits, but I just don’t like a girl who blatantly lies…it’s like what else are you lying about….we’ll discuss after the roofies wear off…seeing as that’s the only way any of us get girls in push up bras home with us…

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