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Lady Gaga Strips on Stage at some Club of the Day

OMG, She’s so high concept…she gets naked for 1.5 gay dudes in what must be some strategically staged bullshit that she’s doing for attention, because that’s pretty much everything that she does…it’s her hustle…and it’s getting boring as fuck, and no one cares, and it distracts us from any talent she may actually have, and I like seeing the collapse, but that may be because I like seeing her ass, it brings back memories of me drunkenly grabbing it behind her securities back before she became massively famous, and it was good…seriously, as gay as it is to say that, her ass was awesome..but in my defence I didn’t feel her balls.


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  • Joe

    Another distraction to hide the point nothing is going on musically. I’m told her so call “band” isn’t even plugged in a protools “rig” supplies the music to the house. Aside a couple guitar and piano parts and vocal shouts to fool the audience all the rest is pre-recorded. The drummer has a timing “que track” in his ears to sync it all up like all them so called Disney “video artists”
    Charging $100+ for seats to this shit was once called FRAUD !!!!
    Its a real shame because shes a really good keyboard player, programmer and singer…all this bullshit makes no sense !!

  • SlapHappy

    She is safe to strip here because the guys are all saying – eh, my boyfriends penis is bigger.