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Nina Agdal for Ocean Drive Magazine of the Day

I predict that Sports Illustrated has invested enough time and energy into Nina Agdal that she is going to be the SI Cover Girl for this year’s swimsuit…it’s like her retarded looking water head Make a Wish Foundation shit will finally come true, unless of course Emily Ratajskowski….

You know a better, bustier, tighter bodied girl comes along…but this Nina is still doing the promo tour..hustling…dating A-listers…famewhoring and insta-whoring as hard as she can and her handicapped, looks like she likes playing with rocks and/or feces while rocking’ back and forth look, is starting to be okay for me…because I guess since this is my site, it’s all about what I think of a bitch and not what the rest of the world thinks of a bitch…and I guess the problem with Nina Agdal is that she forces me to side with Adam Levine and say she’s second rate…not quite good enough…but still worth penetrating…

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