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Kaley Cuoco in a Bikini for Instagram of the Day

I know that Kaley Cuoco has a huge fan base…not because she killed John Ritter while fucking on set of 8 Simple Rules, but because she is the hot chick on some show about nerds that people love for some reason I will never understand, but blame being mindless idiots…but I don’t get her appeal..she’s just not hot..and I think that this bikini pic, what I like to call the least attractive bikini pic, from an offensive asian symbol tattoo that dates her as being a lame bitch in her 30s, to her menopausal back, to her shitty ass, to the shit stain birth marks on her back, she’s a fucking wreck…and that’s not even going into the fact she’s riding some dude she is married to…and I don’t care about her being in love..or posing with her man like her nerd fans probably care about…I just care how shit these are and that they are a couple I wouldn’t even want to see fuck and I want to see everyone fuck…this is the bikini pic done fucking wrong…but I’ll post it anyway…because there’s something right about all bikini pics.

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  1. Phillip McCracken says:

    Shes not the hot chick on that show anymore dude…. have u see melissa rauchs maxim spread?! By the end of next season kaleys ego wont allow her to play second fiddle to rauch. Shell push rauch off that show.

  2. lawn says:

    You forgot to mention, “can’t act worth shit.”

  3. Tank says:

    When this dreadful show finally ends she will go the way so many barely attractive, can’t act for shit sitcom stars go–reality tv

  4. lenny says:

    Unfortunately “Tank” you are describing Jennifer Aniston. So Kaley will be off to the land of terrible rom-coms less the com

  5. lenny says:

    Hey Phil Kaley probably has a deal where Melissa can’t wear anything remotely sexy although what she wears puts all on notice that she has a banging bod and the Maxim pics show just that

  6. Johnnie says:

    That doesn’t look like the Chinese character for soup

  7. s45qu4tch says:

    It says “Soup”.

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