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Aubrey O’Day is Less Fat But Perfectly Slutty of the DAy

Aubrey O’Day has been a target of my abuse for many years…you know ever since she fucked Diddy during the taping of the show she was on…only to lose the show she was on…meaning fucking Diddy was just for pleasure not career advancement…making her a failure before she even started…a failure who just got fatter and fatter…which her black fans were into but that got her booked no jobs…and that I guess got her bullied and teased and feeling insecure as bullying does…which is why bullying is good…despite what the media tells you to instate weird cyber privacy laws to prevent “bullying”…but that’s a whole other discussion that doesn’t matter…what does matter is that Aubrey O’Day has decided to get healthy…fit…all while maintaining her fat hip hop ass…which looks amazing…and happens to be what all hip hop dudes like about fat girls…and I think she’s giving Jen Selter a run for her 2 million followers…

As much as I hate saying this…Aubrey O’Day is turning me on…and I find her hot…and now need to go drink..this is the worst news ever…I want to forget it happened…

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  • TelloMan

    What an attention whore. These fucking women lately all are acting like this. Kee Riced…get the fuck over yourself!

  • bfg666

    I never realized she had such short legs. That’s definitely not pretty!