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Kendall Jenner Nipples on the Runway of the DAy

Apparently this is Kendall Jenner playing model because her family is rich and she can be anything she wants to be – her mom just pays them…and because Marc Jacobs loves the celebrity endorsement to draw attention to his collection and fashion show…

And with being a model…she’s showing her nipples…because that’s what models fucking do…and those who don’t just don’t get the industry, the job ahead of them, or the point of their whole existence…

Tits are just tits, but some tits are more fun to see…like these…because they are 18 and don’t need to be exposed…yet they are…like Valentine’s Day Magic…

Here is her Hairy Face…

Here is her Hairy Chest….

She is a Kardashian by association / Troll / Sent from hell to eat our souls…after all…

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5 Responses

  1. jmix says:

    how long til she has oversized implants ala Backdoor Farrah?

  2. MotorwayMan says:

    this looks like a chic morphed for some shitty ps3 game. word.

  3. Rosarch says:

    Catholic priests everywhere are masturbating furiously.

  4. Fatty Fatterson Kardashian says:

    Ugly skank being ugly skang. Gross. Ew. Yikes.

  5. Fatty Fatterson Kardashian says:

    @Rosarch: Not true, they like boys.

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