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Sara Malakul Lane Wears the Best Bras of the Da y

Sara Malakul Lane is the Thai actress in Hollywood I would most likely want to hire to do my dry cleaning, if I wore anything other than soiled sweatpants that don’t require dry cleaning…because she’s asian and that was a bad asian joke..I shoulda stuck with tranny…there are trannies in Thailand and no way to determine her past…but with a body like this…shit…who cares if she has balls…she’s superhuman and gender doesn’t matter…and a bra like that…makes me lose confidence in her understanding of clothing…in a way I wouldn’t trust her to wash my sweat pants one bit…but I would trust her to be the mother of my kids…because she’s that perfect…

What it comes down to is I’ve never banged an asian in all my sexual conquests…which were more failures than anything…and I think a Half Asian is the perfect gateway to real asians and their sideway vaginas…maybe her vagina is just one 45 degree angle…

I guess I will never know…but at least I can stare at her pics…

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  • cowbulls

    sex toy potential

  • xyzc

    Thai? She’s a mongrel with fake tits, no ass and plain Jane face but she does it for any desperate wanker, of course….