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Alyssa Miller Lingerie Shoot of the Day

Alyssa Miller is the prostitute who I guess moved to New York thinking winning at modelling would be easy…so she fucked the staff at Sports Illustrated, because when there is a will, there is a way, and that way is usually via the vagina…once that fast was complete…she moved onto Jake Gyllenhaal, who may not be gay, but is a whiney little pussy who might as well has a pussy, that or he just likes things being shoved in his ass…you know out with the Sports Illustrated old and in with the Hollywood new…her life of whoring is like a game of chess..

ANyway, they broke up, Gylenhaal probably cheated on her with men…now they are back together because she probably begged him saying “you can do what you want, fuck who you want, we can sleep in separate beds, but I need you…or at least to be associated with you, here I’ll give you 20 percent of my earnings”…

Here she is in a lingerie campaign…and she sucks…

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