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Miley Cyrus Kissing Brooke Candy of the Day

Miley Cyrus is an attention seeker, who is on a girl on girl kissing spree, because I guess that’s all part of her “edgy, my Disney Contract Expired, Now I Can Be the Real Me”…hustle….which makes sense because she’s a spoiled brat, rich girl, who has always had everything she wanted, and the only real satisfaction she can get is people paying attention to her, like some bratty kid you want to lock in the basement at your friend’s dinner party, who won’t stop showing you his goddamn new dance and song, when all you want to do is focus on drinking as much as you can for free, because that’s what guests are supposed to do…

The slag she’s kissing is Brooke Candy, who is some gutter, hipster pig of a girl who has no talent, but who the gays think is great, who I’ve seen live and wanted to shoot myself in the dick, because the pain and sound of me bleeding to death would be more peaceful than her smutty marketable crap…that you know Miley’s into in efforts to think she knows what’s up and that Brooke Candy is into cuz kissing Miley Gets her noticed…whatever..they all fucking suck and I’m only interested in seeing Miley kissing a girl’s asshole…but in my defence, I am really all about girl asshole now…

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