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Nina Agdal and Some Useless Instagram Model for OP of the Day

They cast Nina Agdal in some shitty, commercial, Walmart bikini brand campaign video, alongside a bunch of instagram models, because I guess they throw the budget at the babe Sports Illustrated lent them, and the midget instagram models with over 100k followers on instagram, do it for free…not to mention, they make the real model look like an actual model, you know like average girls who use fat chicks to make themselves hotter, and all of a sudden your shitty product line makes sense…because you’ll get some buzz….

I am not a core anything, I don’t care if something is authentic, nothing really is anymore, everything is mainstream shit, I just know OP is garbage, made in afghanistan, gives yeast infection shit, I used to know some girl who’s father ran it and even she wouldn’t be caught dead in the shit, it’s just designed for tweens with no style, and/or money, leveraging a surf brand-name from the 80s… But I will say…Nina Agdal looks alright in a bikini…

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  • Travis

    What a slut. & that dude has had his dick inside Paris Hilton so Nina Agdal is officially damaged goods…