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Dude Slaps His Wife Gets Knocked The Fuck Out of the Day

When you slap your wife in public, you deserve to get your ass beat…by a bunch of weirdo protestors…reminding you that if you are going to slap your wife, you probably shouldn’t no matter how mad you get, unless it is in the bedroom, because I young girls beg to be slapped when getting fucked, and at least that’s what a feminist pornstar showed me, so it must be true…try it out, let me know how it works out…

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  1. Fernando Cepeda says:

    This guy didnt hit his wife. He hit a venezuelan anti-chavez protester and got his ass beaten by a by stander. This is an example why venezuelan are fighting against its goverment.

  2. dumb says:

    His “wife” lol

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