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Emily Ratajkowski Back to Her Old Tricks of the Day

Emily Ratajkowski is up to her old tricks…and by tricks I mean…TRICK…

You see she got her start as a girl on a Kanye video who had sex with Kanye after the Kanye video who Kanye would ship around to various places to continue to have sex with her…at least that’s what I’ve been told…and she leveraged that into posing nude for a bunch of magazines, because magazines like nude models with awesome tits, they don’t require the models to be tall, hot or talented, just nude and then she booked the blurred lines video, where she was also nude, and shit went viral because of it’s horrible catchiness that every radio show owned by the record companies put on repeat…

Then she booked Sports Illustrated, made a lot of money, and the fast paced internet world doesn’t care about her anymore, she’s not hot enough to be interesting, and so she decided to get back to titty modelling, because lets face it, it worked the first time…

I’m not a hater, she’s just a horrible, egotistical person.

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  • Teddy

    She thinks she’s a big star just because she was in a couple of videos. Typical Hollywood skank.