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Emily Ratajkowski Nude of the Day

emily ratajkowski naked on a couch

Softcore sex worker – RAT COW – who has positioned herself as a a fashion show attending, fashion whore, who fucks her

Rat Cow is a fucking scam, she’s not hot…she’s got a weird fucking face, she’s just tricked the world into thinking she was hot cuz of her huge fucking tits, and that got her in movies and big on instagram…where people actually pay her to promote products like a Kardashian…maybe because she used to fuck Kanye, but probably because brands are hypocrites and don’t take the time to see that a bitch is nothing but a titty model…and instead see that she’s been in movies and can justify promoting crap through her feed.

She’s a fucking Lie..one of the worst…but still out there and now some International Market Vanity Fair…which sounds like a big deal…

BUT they are using her the way she should be used…like a softcore porn chick that she is…

Reduce her to what she is…a whore…let her pretend she’s empowered and feminist and more than a whore…when she’s just a whore…

I can’t believe brands pay this trash….


Em Rat Cow Bird Face


Here’s the photoshopped pics..

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Rat Cow in Italy Looking Milhouse-y of the Day

Emily Ratajkowstki, Rat Cow for short, mainly because her rat face, rat hustle, rat scam, rat fuck to get ahead rat behavior….and cow-like milk filled and by milk I mean implant filled tit….is someone I love to hate, but don’t actually hate, because she ultimately doesn’t matter…if anything she depresses me, not because of her big tits on her small frame and not even because of the rat face, but because I feel like she knows she’s a fucking scam, a hack, and all she wants is some level of legitimacy she’ll never get, no matter how much money she makes…

She’s in Italy pretending to be happy while living the life, but you know…she’s plotting cuz she’s knows the end is near for her bullshit career…she’ll get the instagram ads and make a living cuz she has that audience…but bitch is not getting into the A List movies she wants to…she just can’t…she’s been trying to long and she’s getting old…so we’ll see, I’m probably wrong…but I hope it’s failure from this day forward…right into obscurity.

To see her naked on set over a month ago… CLICK HERE

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Rat Cow naked of the Day

Sea Lion Emily Ratajkowski, who goes by RAT COW professionally, due to her face, and obvious hustle that requires little to know hwork…just post nudes that’s what people want to see, and that’s all she is capable of on a talent level…she’s dull, not even that hot…pretty useless, but that’s ok, cuz I can see her pussy lips dangling between her legs…..pussy I’ve seen before – but still pussy.

Fascinating and diverse…tits or ass or pussy…what can’t she do….and for the record, I support useless bitches when they are willing to show me pussy…it’s a good deal…for everyne.

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Rat Cow a Nude Scene Because That’s All She Can Do – of the Day

Some people are talented, some people are brilliant, some people have substance, other people have tits, and within those tits are people who are able to scam with their tits, because they’ve been sexualized their entire life….and figure out at a young age just what it takes to get shit out of dudes…while others just figured it out in their adult years and it happened to work…either on their own or with handlers…but either way…the tits being sexualized are their tits to sexualize and it makes them feel good about themselves when they book jobs because of them and they see their bank accounts keep growing…

I am all for it, even if I think this bitch is trash…her tits are good…and sometimes that’s all it takes…

I appreciate knowing that the only roles she gets, even if it is high paid and she makes too much money – is nude work – to remind her and reinforce that she’s just fucking garbage…

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Rat Cow’s Bird Face of the Day

Even with all the snapchat filters in the world, RAT COW still has that pointy, beady eyed, rat face….because that’s where she gets the RAT in her name, I know you’d think it was more to do with her being a rat sneaking her tits into our lives for social media followers…or sneaking celeb cock in her to get work even though she has a ginger boyfriend…..but that’s the COW part of her…udders…the rat part is the FACE…rat cow…

Well, she’s making dumb faces and showing off her cleavage for Memorial Day…you know like a Christian Radio station shouting out our troops for fighting for our freedom because god had a bigger plan for them…but the slut version..

Memorial Day…that’s what’s up…

Here she is with her family that raised a hooker…her mom got some tits though, so she knows..

Memorial Day…that’s what’s up…

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Em Rat Cow Topless Bird Face of the Day

Emily Ratajkowski is such trash, but she’s got great tits and clearly that’s enough to give her an ego to think she’s more than just a set of tits as company throw stupid money at her to attend their events like she’s not a titty model…even though she’s a titty model and that’s the only reason anyone follows her INSTAGRAM…so keep her telling all the dudes looking at her tits about fashion week events targeted at women and gay dudes…MAKES total sense as you burn your money BRANDS because you too are blinded by the tits…

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Rat Cow Opens Her Mouth to Demonstrate Why She Only Opens Her Mouth When The Lights are Out of the Day

Here is a very important life lesson brought to you by Emily Ratajkowski this monday morning…and that is that it’s better to keep your mouth shut if you look more birdfaced than you already do…when you try to smile…you know save those mouth openings for job auditions / castings / and attempting to get work to polarize and legitimize being a low level, despite the money you make, model….when really you’re just a set of tits, reduced to a set of tits, that she’d probably hate ever admitting, because it takes away from all the hard work she’s done – that only gets noticed due to her tits….

I guess it’s also aspirational, because you know if you do have tits and an average at best face, something most girls with tits can attest to, people will celebrate you, and thanks to angles, the internet, clever photo tricks, angles, duck face on the bird face, you can make that weird face look like it’s pensive, pouty, just been fucked, confused, sweet, delicate…..because the internet is a lie…

NOW…if you’ve ever online dated, you’ll know the fatties are less fat in the profile pics, the faces less mangled, it’s the internet motherfuckers, sure people don’t troll te way they used to, anonymously, they troll as themselves…and here’s some Rat Cow trollin’ as she continues to get paid.

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Rat Cow Does Bikini Fame Whoring of the Day

Rat Cow irritates me….I mean sure, she’s got a great set of tits, a great body, a mouth she probably puts to good use sucking celebrity cock, while maintaining a relationship with her boyfriend she carts around the world where she is attempting to polarize her existence to be a socialite, not a titty model, when we all know she’s just the Instagram version of Tila Tequila and we know how that ended….it ended…because this shit ends…it’s fleeting and she’s old news..

So she can stage paparazzi pics, she can get invites to fashion week, she can make her millions a year – from social media following…and she deserves it, she’s done it, she built it…but that doesn’t mean she’s awesome, or cool, or interesting…it means she’s a tactical user, who knows how to use her tits, and I guess that alone is amazing…and I guess…I shouldn’t be irritated by her….or that She’s a low level titty model because titty models…no matter how low level or well followed they are…still have tits I like looking at…And if your soul purpose is to have an audience and sell product as you polarize yourself….

I do like calling her Rat Cow though…cuz she is a rat and besides her tits – that’s my favorite thing about this cheesy fucking promo model people still like because people don’t unfollow people…

I prefer her nude selfies she leaked for attention….. CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM

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Em Rat Cow Sues Gallery For Promoting her Pre-Famous Nudes Because She’s the Worst of the Day

Castor Galley cease1-3

This is a pretty funny story that I doubt is a publicity stunt for the artist, Jonathan Leder, but might as well make it one because we like him and his photos. He was pre-instagram 60s and 70s inspired nude photos of hot models, before every girl was a nude model and every guy with a camera was a photographer who was channeling 60s and 70s Playboy / Penthouse…

He shot with Rat Cow early in her attempt at a career that worked out for her. She did nude pics with him and now that he’s trying to show his photos that she’s part of – because she shot with him – she’s suing…

She doesn’t want some dude who shot her when she was using him, to use those images to make money for him, because giving back is not something this cunt believes in. She wants her piece of the action…..which I guess could be seen as smart business…but I call it not being very nice to people she needed to get where she got.

That said, Emily Rat Cow has been a consistent girl I make fun of on the site. I have issues with her, because I was around in the early to the Rat Cow hustle, not the super early because I never pay attention to the names of girls before they get some success, but before any of the mainstream sites were posting her, before she was in the media, in an era when she had shot with a small handful of people at the time, all naked photographers, including people like this dude in a time when big tits weren’t exposed by every girl everywhere looking for followers…

I would post on her calling her mouth and tits fake, because I make fun of girls who get naked for attention – even if I like them naked for attetnion. Since she wasn’t getting much media at the time and was googling herself, she saw the posts and this zero with great tits slutting out for fame she ended up getting told me that she didn’t appreciate my posts calling her face and tits fake…that they are real…so I decided to be nice to her…to write nice things about her…in a “friend of the site, I don’t actually hate these people, despite how disgusting they are at their core, and she’s got good tits, so why not be nice, even though I’m not nice”…I was thinking, she had tits that could get someone, and that it could be funny to stage some content stunts of my “love for her” that she was in on…

Instead she did the blurred lines videos, and she stopped sending me pics from her photoshoots she wanted to leak to the internet for the publicity, that I’m sure she was sending all sites, hell, it may have been her boyfriend master minding the whole thing, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that when she got where she wanted to get, fucking Ben Affleck for movie parts, she was too big, famous and important to fuck with little old me….and that’s cool, but figured, I’d go back to making fun of her, because like all these other girls she was back to being a nothing….

But that attitude, I wasn’t offended by, because I never met the bitch, we weren’t friends and I get the hustle, but could tell how she was an opportunist just getting herself ahead with no respect for anyone who was involved or helped her get there…like this photographer…

You see he was naked in a room with her, she probably begged him to shoot, and now she’s suing him because he’s showing pics she’s in…cuz she’s naked…that’s what she did, that’s who she is, and it’s not like it’s some hardcore porn shit…

I hate when these girls get mad about moves they made, instead of just owning them and dealing with the consequences…instead they bust out lawyers…in a “don’t make money off my name”…while girl made a shit ton of money off a lot of people giving her support…because without the photogs, the blogs, the magazines, Ben Affleck, and the Blurred lines video…she’d just be a stripper or an escort with an ego…which I guess is exactly what she is…

Still such a gross thing to do, from a gross, egotistical garbage person, but use your instagram money to get lawyers on people. That’s just fucking lame behavior….expected from such a lame cunt…who went viral, in more than one way, and now won’t let people make money off her…even though she’s made money off them. Typical woman.

About the show:

Castor Gallery Downtown is pleased to announce an exhibition of early work by renowned photographer Jonathan Leder, featuring 120 intimate portraits shot on Polaroid film. The exhibition will run from February 9 through February 26, 2017. An opening reception will be held on Thursday Feb 9th at 254 Broome St NY, NY from 6-9 PM. The artist will be in attendance.

The photographs on view in this exhibition were taken by Leder over a five year period, and are rarely exhibited to the Public. These images, which pre-date the fame of their celebrity subjects, such as models Emily Ratajkowski and Allie Leggett, capture Leder’s process as photographer and evoke a sense of nostalgia.

This show opens with an accompanying book, Leder / Ratajkowski Collector’s Edition from Imperial Publishing.

Featuring the infamous 2012 polaroid portraits taken of Emily Ratajkowski, the model made famous in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video. This exclusive signed artist edition and print will be available for purchase in the gallery.

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Emily Ratajkowski Overdressed Buying Lotto Tickets of the Day


Emily Ratajkowski is fucking reaching….

This is how she goes out and buys her lottery tickets…she’s like “hey paparazzi, look at me, I’m all fancy and these are my monster tits and a dress, all make-up faced despite her bird face”…..

We call this thirsty behavior….but you should see how she looks when she goes to the pharmacy to get some Plan B after letting all the directors and producers come in her…as her actual boyfriend holds her slut hand…

She’s just going as hard as she can…because she’s gotta make that money while she’s still got 10 million followers from being a softcore porn star…


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