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Em RatCow Black Pug Bikini of the Day

Em RatCow Black pug Bikini

Em RatCow, like all the whores, is at Coachella, where she’s likely making more money than you do in a year to be there….

She stylized a nice video of her shaking her ass, now that she’s got an ass and it’s pretty hot..you can’t just be a set of tits to everyone…

Despite hating on her all these years, and thinking she’s overrated and a bullshit model, who only exists cuz she’s got a great set of tits, one of the best sets of tits, I do respect her hustle, or polarizing of being a set of tits. There are so many tits out there who wish they were as big a deal as Rat Cow, and couldn’t pull it off…

NOT TO MENTION…she’s out there starting her own clothing / bikini line, so that she can build a brand and not rely on other brands, which can potentially make her a shit ton of money…I wouldn’t got as far as to call her a genius other than choosing to get naked early on in life…but she’s smarter than a lot of these idiots who think instagram influencing is cool, life, the end goal so they don’t need to work…

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY….do you see what she’s strangling….a BLACK PUG….

Do you realize that as someone who has a black pug, and has had a BLACK PUG for the last 11 years….I am committed to all things PUG and all things that also love pugs…..we are a special type of person…and if anything…RAT COW is now Family to us….because of inbreeding…the best way.

So this is my TRUCE…I will no longer be mean to her on the blog and I will celebrate her tits like I should …even if she looks like she is strangling her pug…the fact that she’s got a black pug of her own…makes her the most important tits on instagram…

So show her some respect and masturbate to her.

Em RatCow Black pug Bikini


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Em RatCow Texas Tits of the Day

Em RatCow Underboob

Em RatCow is culturally appropriating, or making fun of / mocking Texans, but dressing like a 1970s texas prostitute played by Dolly Parton, in some attempting to have depth or be funny that is pretty much just trash, which is really what Rat Cow is…trash..

She’s cleverly mastered getting social media following thanks to her tits. She’s managed to ride the instagram wave thanks to instagram being relevant still and people not “Unfollowing” people…I don’t know how strong her celebrity is, but I know she can polarize it with stupid people casting shit thanks to the following that gives an illusion that she’s more than just tits. But she’s not more than just tits.

The one good thing about this racism, mocking texans, treating them like redneck hicks, is that at least she’s trying to show some personality in her otherwise boring fucking existence…cuz beauty fucking fades and personality is what keeps people interested or engaged…even if her tits will always be infamous and her face..plastic and full of fillers..which for the record is bad of our oceans and Marine mammals you cunt.


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Em RatCow Tits in Lingerie of the Day

emily ratajkowski lingerie

Rat Cow is shit…

She’s just an average looking girl with a solid set of fake tits, that got naked in the right music video at the right time, because it went viral and had marketing budget behind it, only to basically create her and her following….something that I know went straight to her ego…because she’s just that kind of garbage person who says “there were three other girls in the video, and none of them made it, so there’s gotta be something important about me”….

I am not a fan of her as a concept, or seeing her make her millions of dollars a year, when you know her celebrity is strictly based on her tits….

BUT, I will say that there’s something smart in her hustle, she’s obviously not a full idiot, and was able to position herself and create this money making thing all off her tits…with very little concept behind it…

So leveraging that bullshit to become this brand owning entrepreneur with a brand that is slutty and half naked enough for her to wear out and sell to idiots on social media, because she does have influence, allowing her to be the whore she’s been, showing off the great tits she’s got, cuz they are great tits…while making money with a company she can sell off to a bigger brand as it becomes an entity of its own…is what I’ve been saying all these idiots should do..but only some do….and Rat Cow is smart enough to know the gravy train’s not forever….and for that…we should stare at her tits.

emily ratajkowski lingerie

Here she is comparing bodies with her fat friend to make herself feel better about herself…because every skinny bitch has a fat manager out there to police who they fuck, who gets close, and to make them look skinnier in their “going out to party selfies”…

emily ratajkowski lingerie


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Em RatCow Nipples of the Day

emily ratajkowski ass tits bikini

I would boycot, block and delete Rat Cow if she hadn’t blocked and deleted me first.

I think her building out her own brand of bikinis and underwear is a smart strategy for her tits, because it’s building equity beyond an Instagram feed she only has from a music video she was lucky to be cast in and naked in…

I would ignore her silly self promotion to make herself richer than she is with her scamming….but her tits that I assume are not real tits are just so good….unfortunately she hasn’t sorted out the belly button yet….garbage people doing garbage things….but having great tits throughout the process.



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Basically Em Rat Cow Full Pussy of the Day

Em RatCow Pussy

Rat Cow is out there whoring out for the paparazzi to promote what I assume is her Bikini line, because she’s got a bikini line, which I think is a smart enough play from her, because you can’t just be tits getting hits on social media doing brand deals forevever. You need to invest into something that has equity, that can influence your male pervert fans to jerk off to you, and the female fans to buy your nonsense….

I don’t find Rat Cow interesting, good tits, weird face, broken down looking scam…who was getting naked at the right place, right time, in the right music video….right when instagram happened creating her….and people just don’t unfollow these idiots so they forever have that audience…whereas sites like this fade the fuck away and virtually disappear because getting people to type your name in their browser is asking too much of them…lazy fucks…

While girl like this just have to be ridiculous spreading ass like this to get their name circulated, to go viral, to get noticed again…and to give her followers something they’re into jerking off to…

The only interesting thing about her is that her face looks different every single time we see her, those face injections…I mean unless you find her being Kanye’s mistress before instagram interesting…or if you find her tits interesting…and that weird looking face doesn’t even matter….yet she matters.

I get it, cuz I get big tits….

It’s not like we haven’t seen her pussy before..

emily ratajkowski Nude Pussy Tits

She also has some bikini shoot pics…not pussy for the paparazzi pics…and I figure why not participate in her bullshit…


Here she is in some weird tranny photoshoot


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Rat Cow the Sex Working Women’s Rights Activist of the Day

Rat Cow went to some bullshit protest, because an uneducated set of tits has an opinion on the world and is trying to make a difference, because it’s trendy and a way for her to get into the media for more than just her tits..

Her caption:

Today I was arrested protesting the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, a man who has been accused by multiple women of sexual assault. Men who hurt women can no longer be placed in positions of power.

Maybe she just wants to show you all the evolution of her face injections…

It is funny to me to see, because she literally went viral at the right time – due to her tits. The relationship between her fame or audience that brands pay to reach on her social media and her tits is LINEAR.

There is no other reason she exists…TITS ONLY….TITS HERE…TITS GET HITS….

So a girl who is a new wave sex worker, from social media, sex working, fighting for the rights of women to be heard, who only is rich because men like tits…is almost disrespectful to her audience.

It’s her saying “I don’t need you guys who make me exist, I’m a feminist, girl power”….not that any of are against feminists or rationalizing your tits as some higher purpose than jsut flashing tits. We encourage it….

But why alienate the audience, and accept that you are just tits…

All this tells me is the extent a girl will go to prove to herself she’s not a whore when she knows she’s a whore…and the only reason she’s a whore is for personal gain…

She will alienate her audience and take a stance no one cares about hearing, cuz they just want to see her tits.

Even women don’t care about what this slut has to say and know she only exists cuz of her tits.

She’s not inspiring, or interesting, or even qualified to protest anything.

I firmly believe that you can’t just spin your storyline, because America has gone down some weird confusing path, cuz you know if it went down another path, and it did when everyone started getting naked, she was up on that…

She worked and shot with accused sex offenders….she didn’t care…but now she cares…get the fuck over yourself you shapeshifting groupie trend following twat and realize that a Ho. Is a Ho. Is a Ho.

That’s the trade she made for fame and fortune when she decided to live her life as a Ho…a deal with the devil or whatever…

So her intellectualizing it, or making it political, or higher purposes,

when she’s go nothing but big tits in our face to say about it, that’s all the public who even know who this low level is….is just her narcissism and ego screaming that she’s more than just tits.

People are fucking crazy. How can she believe she’s anything more than a set of tits, who fucked Affleck and Fincher for a movie gig.

CRAZY. I mean…I guess she’s getting what she wants in terms of media attention, which it is all about when you are clickbait.

Oh and this….

Now her tits – cuz she’s a whore…

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Lena Dunham Bikini Shot by Em Rat Cow of the Day

Lena Dunham Swimsuit Shot by emily ratajkowski

In a terrible and offensive to all viral stunt…Clickbait famewhore Em Rat Cow and her bikini line have decided to continue with the clickbait in the worst viral stunt in the history of viral stunts…that include Lena Dunham as her bikini model…because it attaches her to people more famous than her, who may be working on TV shows and movies that Rat Cow wants to be cast in, and this is some aggressive dick sucking, that she knows far too well…

Or maybe this is just her art, making a monster looking bitch look like a monster that she is, but in a bathing suit…rather than her regular nude, which is on another level of offensive…so if anything we should be giving Rat Cow a thanks and asking her “but why aren’t your tits in this shit”…

emily ratajkowski Ass in a Thong


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Gigi Haid and Em Rat Cow Bikini Together of the Day

emily ratajkowski ass shot in slutty bikini on a yacht with gigi hadid

Rat Cow is a famewhore. She has wanted to be famous for a long time. She got naked to get famous. Her efforts have paid off for her thanks to Instagram being a th
ing, and thanks to her being cast in that music video, and she’s been able to maintain over 1,000,000 dollars a year in earnings, maybe even more really, all for having a great set of tits that are debatably not even real tits, and that all of you could go out and buy for 7500 dollars, if you felt so compelled to have great tits, that you get paid to show off.

I find it interesting that 80 percent of her fans are men, yet brands still do deals with her, because of the sheer number of perverts that follow her…but not that interesting, I am more interested in the tits…but even they aren’t that great in the grand scheme of her as a whole…she’s got this birdface, troll face, weird belly button…but she gets naked.

Well, in the lastest in her famewhoring, is that she’s worked her way to the HADIDs….which I am sure she’s been seen with before, but that not in paparazzi pics..like she matters…all this fake friends together leveraging each other for audience…pretty lame…but not as lame as how all these people end up in the same cities…there is a whole world out there yet RAT COWS and Hadids unite overseas…what are the chances…does Rat Cow stalk and follow the Hadid, did they plan this,is everyone basic even on a high level – like there are target places to be….I don’t know…but I know it happened…and it’s garbage.


Gigi Hadid Ass Bent over in Jean Shorts

gigi hadid ass in black bikini on a yacht with emily ratajkowski

Fame Whore Em Rat Cow

emily ratajkowski tits and ass in slutty bikini on a yacht with gigi hadid

Here is boring Gigi Hadid in a mesh dress
Gigi Hadid Ass in See through mesh dress white bikini

To See More Pics of Rat Cow in a Bikini CLICK HERE

To See More Pics of These Idiots Together CLICK HERE


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Drew Barrymore and Rat Cow and Karlie Kloss Nude for CR Fashion Book of the Day

Drew Barrymore naked goddess for CR Fashion Book

Drew Barrymore, Rat Cow, Karlie Kloss and other people I assume got naked for CR Fashion Book….

CR Fashion Book is some well respected, trendy, fashion magazine that produces racy content with models because it is well respected and that’s what makes “art” exist…you need the people everyone respect like CR Fashion Book to perpetuate the lie so the follower drones by into it….

So I have no idea how Em Rat Cow weaseled her way into it, I guess they are looking for clickbait on social media and like her mass following, or she’s the spawn of the devil, is evil incarnate, and she has the power to win over people with her bullshit tits..which for the record are great tits…but tits that should have been left in the strip club or casting couch. The reason she exists or that people buy into her…is just fucking weird or lazy….

That said…Karlie Kloss topless in some Taylor Swift erotica and Drew Barrymore nudes even though she’s 100 years old…make sense to me, and sure Rat Cow tits are always worth looking at…but depressing to look at when they are in a “credible” and I use that term loosely…publications…the tits, although great belong in the F-List they crawled out of before fucking weak yet powerful decision making men…

TITS everywhere..

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Rat Cow Trying to Be Funny With her Booty of the Day

Rat cow is trying to figure out her place in the world – you know to prove to the world that she is more than just tits…because I assumed her interviews were her saying that she’s alienated and oppressed and losing jobs because of her tits…but in fact she was saying that people just see her as tits and aren’t impressed even though they are great fucking tits…

Well, she’s also got an ass, her body is pretty great still, and she’s got a sense of humor, you know hanging out with gay dudes who probably suck her dick and tell her how great she is, because behind any woman with any status is at least one “sister” looking to leech off her….it’s a gay thing….and I think it’s just a coincidence that Rat Cow’s starting to look tranny, unless that’s her new angle…it worked for BRUCE….why not…so current, so now, so edgy…

She also posted some bikini pics – to make it hard to keep up with her slutty…

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