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The Faces of a Rat Cow of the Day

The Faces of a Rat Cow Emily Ratajkowski

I think it is important to stare at the Rat Cow face whenever you see pics of her shamelessly trying to promote her tits, because her tits are awesome and the rest of her isn’t really that interesting…

I don’t think you should stare because like a horror movie it will eat your soul, even if it is so eager for success that it would eat your soul if it was promised another titty music video…

I think you should stare to see that despite being hyped up in some circles and her efforts to polarize her titty career as being that of a scenester fashionista…her face fucking sucks…and despite her efforts trying to rebuild her face with injections…she’s pretty much failed….so take it in….Rat Cow face…

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Rat Cow Shameless for Rumored TYGA Video of the Day

Rat cow and her rat face is not hot, interesting, talented or compelling, but she’s got great tits and is a reminder that if you have great tits on a small frame, the world, or at least a bunch of fucking perverts will watch you in your quest to be a celebrity…having sex with David Fincher and Ben Afleck, and not complaining about it to the media, because she wants more move roles, and that’s how she gets them…because that’s the kind of girl she is…

Naked for followers, with so many followers, that she thinks she’s important, when really she’s just a Tila Tequila, people follow her because people are drones and follow whatever the fuck they are told or see other people follow, but if this girl died tomorrow, no one would care and the only reason they do care, is because social media followers never mass unfollow…they just are bored and look at the shitty content these people post, then write blogs on them like me….

It’s like the Kardashians, a family this girl keeps trying to get closer and closer to, even in this TYGA video, I’ve never heard anyone say good things about the Kardashians, I’ve never heard of any of their fans that supposedly exist, I just know that people say they hate them, don’t unfollow them and allow them to exist, and I guess the same goes for these tits, follow them but don’t care about them, tits that she’s trying to polarize to be fashion influencer tits, that book her some fashion campaigns, when really she’s just a Glamour model with a rat face, with tits…

The world is weird. Here’s a pic she posted the other day….art not shameless at all…why aren’t these pics reported and her account deleted…people need to shut this smut down.



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Rat Cow Attention Seeking on Halloween with them Tits of the Day

Rat Cow Attention Seeking on Halloween with them Tits

Rat Cow is the fucking worst.

I usually ignore her antics because I am blocked from her shit, don’t care about her shit, I don’t think her rat face is hot or interesting, and I figure it is just doing my part to make her disappear like the Kardashians, who don’t quite disappear because there are always brands that want access to their pervert followers, and the followers don’t mass unfollow, so she’ll always be watched by all the dudes waiting for her slutty pics to pop up, exactly what a fashion or beauty brand is looking to sell product to, but girl still gets the deals – sometimes..because she is trying to polarize..

But when things get slow, she tapes her tits and wears a mesh shirt, and hopes to go viral like it was that Robin Thicke Blurred lines video, a level of fame she’ll never experience again, but thank got it happened for her tits, they are great and deserve to be celebrated, it’s just too bad the host body and the brain behind the host body by default join them on their journey….

This is her costume, I think she’s dressed as Bella Thorne…only the bootleg, untinteresting, less famous, garbage version.


Some Chick named Shanina Shayk had the same costume, it’d be embarassing if they weren’t nippled taped tits…

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Rat Cow’s Got Tits, Wants to Remind You She’s Got Tits, because she is Tits of the Day

Rat Cow and what I consider a rat face, despite all the make-up, because rats don’t wear make-up, and despite all the potential face injections, that I am sure she’ll deny having, is out at fashion week, knowing that if she goes from fashion week to fashion week, year after year, she will come across as less of a whore with male followers into her because of her tits, because she’s got great tits…but rather she will be seen as a fashion influencer, who happens to have a lot of male followers, because men are perverts and it’s not her fault, they are just voyeurs or some shit…

Well, she’s got a lot of fucking followers, she makes a lot of fucking money, and despite being a terrible actor…she gets work as an actor…and she gets to live her life traveling the world for free…attending events like she matters when she doesnt…

At least she knows tits are important, her tits need to be showcased like the hooker accessory they are, and she’s wearing a men’s shirt as a dress, a fetish of mine…because clearly girl knows how to manage and navigate this terrible fucking world…TitS first…great big tits…first…because you can take the slut out of the social media feed as the social media girl tries to get women followers to become a “fashion” influencer to get paid…but you can’t take the tits when the tits are the main marketing hook…unless you are cancer…

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Rat Cow is a troll….

People, mainly Rat Cow like to think she’s hot, special, beautiful, interesting looking…

She likes to think she’s of value, of substance, an entity people care about…

She gets some media coverage from bored media outlets who are too lazy to really look into whether she matters or not…

She tries to polarize being fake tits, fake lips, REAL rat face into being an actress, personality or influencer…because she’s got the followers…you know more than just tits..

She’s tried to intellectualize being a woman, a feminist, an exhibitionist for the sake of EMPOWERMENT…

She’s tried to say that she’s alienated for having big tits, too big tits, TITS….and that there is BIG tit shaming..

She’s got a weird fucking Belly Button….

And she’s a fucking troll, trolling us all, just look at that troll face..

RAT COW is a real thing, just nothing about her is real, from career, to artistry to anything…all lies, all scam…the worst…

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Drew Barrymore and Rat Cow and Karlie Kloss Nude for CR Fashion Book of the Day

Drew Barrymore naked goddess for CR Fashion Book

Drew Barrymore, Rat Cow, Karlie Kloss and other people I assume got naked for CR Fashion Book….

CR Fashion Book is some well respected, trendy, fashion magazine that produces racy content with models because it is well respected and that’s what makes “art” exist…you need the people everyone respect like CR Fashion Book to perpetuate the lie so the follower drones by into it….

So I have no idea how Em Rat Cow weaseled her way into it, I guess they are looking for clickbait on social media and like her mass following, or she’s the spawn of the devil, is evil incarnate, and she has the power to win over people with her bullshit tits..which for the record are great tits…but tits that should have been left in the strip club or casting couch. The reason she exists or that people buy into her…is just fucking weird or lazy….

That said…Karlie Kloss topless in some Taylor Swift erotica and Drew Barrymore nudes even though she’s 100 years old…make sense to me, and sure Rat Cow tits are always worth looking at…but depressing to look at when they are in a “credible” and I use that term loosely…publications…the tits, although great belong in the F-List they crawled out of before fucking weak yet powerful decision making men…

TITS everywhere..

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Rat Cow Tits and Other Tits because Tits for Love Magazine of the Day

Rat Cow has tits. She likes you knowing she has tits. Her tits are the only reason she exists. Yet her media recently has been about how her tits work against her, when really her tits are the only thing that matter when it comes to her, as you cum to her, because as low level gutter as she is…those tits are tits worth looking at…substantial tits, even magical tits, it’s just too bad the host body the tits are attached to, who is pretending the tits don’t run the show…is pretty garbage.

I still do posts on her because the Rat Cow Tits she’s alienated for having are still tits I’m willing to look at…because I like tits…I can’t leave the whore house without looking at tits and it is amazing just how much a set of tits can do for a woman…it can re-write their story and make them have millions of followers that they make millions of dollars off now that they are polarizing soft core porn tits to celeb in movies who is into fashion

The world..so dumb, so easily impressed….CHECK OUT THESE TITS…and other tits on other people getting in on the titty

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