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Rat Cow has an Ass and WAnts you To Know it of the Day

Emily Ratajkowski posting her ass to social media

Rat Cow is in a movie….that’s why she’s in Italy wearing her bathing suit around like some sort of slut…but she can’t be a slut…if she was would she be world famous on social media with all those millions of Russian followers thanks to having great tits at the right time in a music video that went beyond viral….that’s all it really takes…

She is neither talented or interesting, provided you don’t consider big shameless tits on a pretty small frame talented or interesting, which I guess they kind of are both a talent and interesting in a boring world where not all girls have tits like this one and those who do can’t pull off the scam that this one pulled off…

She may forever earn money because people are dumb and see numbers and confuse those numbers for actually mattering or being capable to carry anything beyond slutty pics on social media..

Even movie producers are giving her work now…when I was really sure she was going to fade into obscurity and remain an instagrammer…I see the IMDB page filling up with people hoping to get people to see their movie by using her….not necessarily how Fincher and Afleck used her sexually…but using her none the less…because that’s what you gotta do with these low levels trying to validate their low level whoring.

I am not a fan, but I think being so not a fan kinda makes me a fan nonetheless because I pay attention to what her tits are up to when I don’t actually care, yet this post tells a very different tale…

In more hilarious news – here’s her boyfriend taking her social media pics like the bitch he is…


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Rat Cow’s High Testosterone Ginger Fat Boyfriend of the Day

Ever since I’ve seen Rat Cow on her hustle, I’ve wondered about her boyfriend, who will assume is just a nice dude, something so unlike what you’d expect Rat Cow to be with, since she’s a vapid opportunist cunt on some hustle to get ahead…which obviously works…

Maybe he’s her manager, maybe he’s created her career and they are in this together, maybe he has friends at Instagram and helped her get a following, you know the brains of the operation, or maybe he’s just a security blanket that she doormats…but ultimately….he is a reminder that girls aren’t always superficial, so there is hope out there for you to seduce bitches who think they are hot, despite being bird faced, and thaT women will fall for you if you have a huge cock, a huge bank account, offer support or a mix of the three…

I have heard countless stories from reliable people that she’s fucking directors and actors for jobs, putting her tits out there to lock it all down….and I believe those stories…and I believe that a dude would wait around while she does that shit for work…because he gets to deal with her when she’s at her fucking shittiest…you know…which is better than an uglier chick at her shittiest…

Here’s a handbra gif to remind you who RAT COW is…People find her really hot….so…here you go…..

I don’t want to hate on the poor bastard who has to deal with this trash….because you know he probably brags to everyone he can that this bitch is his…even if she’s not when she’s working on getting cast….and I don’t even want to hate on her, because who cares, make that money if you can….do that hustle and be happy your bf sticks by you because why the fuck wouldn’t he….WHO knows…or cares…I’m just trying to see her asshole in her bikini…

From social..


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Emily Rat Cow We Can See Your Bush of the Day


Emily Rat Cow is the fucking worst, the kind of cunt with zero level of “maybe this is going to end”…because for some reason…she think she’s fucking amazing…despite never really doing anything amazing….all while looking ok…but not that amazing…she’s two years of hype in a fast moving world where people forget about people…even ones they are emotionally attached to and Emrata isn’t one anyone is emotionally attached to…she’s just a set of tits…but a great set of tits…maybe not tits that aren’t even .

But she’s got some great fucking tits, and more interestingly, she’s wearing panties where I can see her bush…and I fucking love bush…even on girls who are garbage…

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