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Rat Cow in Vouge Spain of the Day

Everyone’s favorite tits that don’t matter but that have a lot of followers and that think they matter….are in VOGUE SPAIN.

This is all thanks to these tits thinking they are important, and spending years being brought to all kinds of relevant events, with relevant people, getting jobs with relevant companies, making relevant money…. all thanks to being in a music video topless, when they were younger…and tits were more exciting to people….

These tits, and their host body have put a lot of effort into making people believe they matter, they have tried so fucking hard, and I guess it’s paying off for her…and I guess there’s something we can all learn from this and that is that if you have a set of big tits….ANYTHING is possible…dreams can come true…perverts will always be down to look at them in various states of undress, even if it’s just for a few seconds….

Vogue Spain…it’s happening…It’s boring…

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Emily Ratajkowski Nude of the Day

emily ratajkowski naked on a couch

Softcore sex worker – RAT COW – who has positioned herself as a a fashion show attending, fashion whore, who fucks her

Rat Cow is a fucking scam, she’s not hot…she’s got a weird fucking face, she’s just tricked the world into thinking she was hot cuz of her huge fucking tits, and that got her in movies and big on instagram…where people actually pay her to promote products like a Kardashian…maybe because she used to fuck Kanye, but probably because brands are hypocrites and don’t take the time to see that a bitch is nothing but a titty model…and instead see that she’s been in movies and can justify promoting crap through her feed.

She’s a fucking Lie..one of the worst…but still out there and now some International Market Vanity Fair…which sounds like a big deal…

BUT they are using her the way she should be used…like a softcore porn chick that she is…

Reduce her to what she is…a whore…let her pretend she’s empowered and feminist and more than a whore…when she’s just a whore…

I can’t believe brands pay this trash….


Em Rat Cow Bird Face


Here’s the photoshopped pics..

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Rat Cow has an Ass and WAnts you To Know it of the Day

Emily Ratajkowski posting her ass to social media

Rat Cow is in a movie….that’s why she’s in Italy wearing her bathing suit around like some sort of slut…but she can’t be a slut…if she was would she be world famous on social media with all those millions of Russian followers thanks to having great tits at the right time in a music video that went beyond viral….that’s all it really takes…

She is neither talented or interesting, provided you don’t consider big shameless tits on a pretty small frame talented or interesting, which I guess they kind of are both a talent and interesting in a boring world where not all girls have tits like this one and those who do can’t pull off the scam that this one pulled off…

She may forever earn money because people are dumb and see numbers and confuse those numbers for actually mattering or being capable to carry anything beyond slutty pics on social media..

Even movie producers are giving her work now…when I was really sure she was going to fade into obscurity and remain an instagrammer…I see the IMDB page filling up with people hoping to get people to see their movie by using her….not necessarily how Fincher and Afleck used her sexually…but using her none the less…because that’s what you gotta do with these low levels trying to validate their low level whoring.

I am not a fan, but I think being so not a fan kinda makes me a fan nonetheless because I pay attention to what her tits are up to when I don’t actually care, yet this post tells a very different tale…

In more hilarious news – here’s her boyfriend taking her social media pics like the bitch he is…


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Emily Ratajkowksi for Minimale Animale of the Day

Other than the fact that Emily Ratajkowksi is a lot of photoshop, retouching, maybe even plastic surgery…coupled with the fact that she’s had sex with Kanye West and used to be flown around to fuck Kanye West, because what people don’t realize is that Kanye West pretty much made her before anyone else even noticed her, and I am sure he is still sticking it to her, because when married to Kim Kardashian and you have this as an option…why wouldn’t you…

She’s pretty ok….

I mean I get shit on for calling her average, the kind of girl you wouldn’t really noticed if she walked into a party, the kind of girl you wouldn’t even notice was EMRATA the famous if she walked into a party…but she does photograph well and her dad does make cool art…so I’m not hating…

I just know she’s probably got a serious fucking ego right now, and that’s always just a bummer…why can’t a down to earth girl who craves fame, just stay down to earth when she gets fame, is it that no down to earth girl wants fame, but rather attention seeking insecure girls who think they are prettier than they are and seek validation because they don’t actually think they are prettier…are the ones seeking fame…while the real babes aren’t the one in such useless “Look at me pose in catalog” careers…you know using their skills and intelligence to benefit the world, rather than feed their egos…right…that’s exactly
what it is…

These nothin’ to offer, “look at me I have tits” girls…contribute zero to the world…and here is her life changing work…

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