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Em Rata Ass in a Bikini of the Day

Emily Ratajkowski Bikini Slutty

Em Rata is fucking garbage. She’s not even hot or cute, she’s got some fat tits on a skinny frame that distract from her mangled belly button, that are probably not even real tits, but that’s ok….she’s face injected, faking it on the instagram in a big way, all because she did a fucking nude music video and managed to leverage that into celebrity, timing man….it all happened at the right timing, like I guess anything does, where that she existed and will forever exist with all her pervert followers jerking off on the sidelines…..the one hit wonder that gets her shit played on repeat for at least 5-7 years….where brands stupidly throw money at her thinking she’s important…when really it’s just a “naw dawg, I’m just here for the tits”….

Pretty funny that she pulled this off and keeps pulling it off…and the real question is does she believe her own hustle and bullshit, does she think she’s a talent, or a babe, or a smart marketer and content producer or can she be self aware enough to admit that she was in the right place at the right time, fucking Kanye probably helped her get to the right place at the right time, but all the followers she has isn’t because she is interesting or good, she sort of was just that bitch to follow…not that I can follow her, I’ve been blocked…how fucking rude…right..no respect even though I was posting her tit pics before she was famous on the instagram for the tits….

Anyway, with some of the money she made, and her rich husband, she’s pushing some bikini line that she owns…you know be in charge of your own shit, be smart enough to start a brand before the ad money tries up when they realize your audience is all pervert dudes from Pakistan.


Here she is looking like a pelican ..

And HERE she is pretending to be a high fashion model pelican CLICK HERE


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