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Sydney Sweeney Wears a White T-Shirt to Disney’s Water Ride of the Day

Sydney Sweeney is the most important celebrity to come out of celebrity land in a long fucking time and it’s all thanks to her big tits in sex scenes on a hit show that was ultimately pretty fucking depressing, but the tits were good and that’s enough to make stars.

She has made her way back to the mother ship, the CLONING station, the evil empire that controls the minds of these celebrity starlets, DisneyLand….as a tribute to WALT who may be in his underground space station running the fucking show….

She did what we all hope a girl with big tits would do when getting on the river rafting ride….and that’s wore a white shirt….

Unfortunately, despite being WHITE enough and even WET enough, the nipples we’ve befriended and celebrated her for weren’t visible….but she still cockteased us with the concept and sometimes that’s enough.

Unfortunately, as soon as she got off the ride, while we would have got off to her on the ride, the dopey faced mutant slipped into a sweater hiding the tits and reminding us that without her tits, she’s pretty average.

Here’s some more excitement from her VIP Disney experience.

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Sydney Sweeney’s Been Eating Out a Girl On her Period of the Day

Ceiling-Eyed acting sensation who you’d possibly confuse for being an inbred if you were to meet her in the backwoods of Kentucky, is actually a hugely famous, possibly the single most famous celebrity of our times.

She’s one of the only actors to have gone viral on social media for being an actor, rather than the other way around.

I am wired to think acting is a joke and calling someone an actor makes me cringe a little, but the fact is that it is a profession they’ve created, celebrated and made important, so I should just grow up and accept it, no matter how silly it may be.

So this “actor’ who doesn’t really act, but can read off her lines that she memorizes for each seen as good as the average person, has a rockin’ set of tits, which aren’t being promoted in this picture.

Instead she’s gone deeper in her sexual content that helped make her matter in the perverted industry that pretends to hate perverts, while the whole world are a bunch of perverts…and that’s with some period eating fetish pics.

She’s promoting some horror movie about immaculate conception using MENOPHILIA which is the fetish of PERIODS…you know, to target a real specific niche.

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Sydney Sweeney Hanging with the Boys of the Day

Whether the dudes with Sweeney are her internet fans showing up to support, her handlers who helped create her, or the boys from the blood sacrifice sex parties she is forced to go to in order to get work in the industry is not known….it could just be a marketing stunt for her movie…..

Sydney Sweeney is at SXSW where she is playing a virgin nun who gets pregnant, since the satanic agenda in Hollywood wants to mock the origin story of Jesus, not this Jesus Martinez, where my mom was a whore who didn’t know who knocked her up, which is a different kind of conception…hardly immaculate…more messy and disorganized…

Sweeny and her dopey ceiling eyes are the highlight of the Hollywood industry. They’ve created her, they’ve shaped her shapely tits into some very important acting personality even though she can hardly act, but can easily be marketed to the minds of many thanks to those tits. Whether she’s from their cloning labs, or mind-control facilities, or she sold her soul to the industry in exchange for her dreams, like some Marilyn Monroe of the now….doesn’t really matter because I’m staring at her tits.

She can however use her giant tits, that people don’t seem to think are all that giant to get the marketing attention she needs and the movies she is in needs.

She consistently does sex scenes, tits out, but for some reason that doesn’t really alienate her, instead it makes her more hireable, because people are interested in big tits fucking.

The same people who get mad when you objectify a woman, who are the same people who hate white people in the media, who are the same outraged idiots who run all our fun….ARE the ones celebrating her tits.

Anyway, at her SXSW appearance or premiere, she brought some hooded dudes in red masks, like some eyes wide shut style sex parties the elite are rumored to have with people like Sydney Sweeney, either playing up the conspiracy or paying tribute to it, either way, Sweeney knows….

She’s got some pantyhose on, some tit out and some creeper dudes in tow and the whole thing is not that fun….but it happened and they’re trying…

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Sydney Sweeney’s Tits Did SNL Because SNL Unfortunately Exists of the Day

SNL is hurting real bad, even with Sweeney’s tits trying to save the day like the super heroes they are.

I generally don’t find anything funny, especially when it’s postured as comedy, because it’s usually forced so hard that it loses any of its comedic appeal.

When you see stand-ups with their well crafted jokes they’ve been practicing in front of the mirror for years, or in front of small audiences for years, to get that masterful one-liner, it’s like painful to buy into the joke when I’m too busy cringing in second hand embarrassment….

Then these people amass millions of followers, launch a podcast with millions of readers, end up making millions of dollars, totally validating them as comedic geniuses who tell the same try hard joke on repeat, because I guess the fans are just morons who buy into anything.

Anyway, the point of the fucking story is that SNL is still on, I haven’t seen an episode since the early 90s when I was too sick to go out to a bar and even then I thought it was pretty retarded.

This week, I did see a couple clips from the show, as we do thanks to their digital marketing strategy and Sweeney was the host, which meant she brought her tits out to each segment as she does with each acting job and I guess she’s finally achieved her full Scarlett Johansson form, because Scar/Jo is a weird SNL groupie who even marries the cast of Weekend Update, which without Norm Macdonald, is painful to watch….

I think they dropped a “re-arranging blind woman’s furniture” as one of their jokes, before having some chick dressed as a Sting Ray talk about being cummed inside by one of the other SNL actors…which didn’t quite hit for me….

I don’t know where comedy has gone, but it’s a long way from where I think it’s funny…

However, I’ll look at Sweeney’s tits, we kind of have to….especially when they dress her up as a hooters girl, because obviously, they had no choice….

And a meme:

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Sydney Sweeney Tits Made it To Late Night TV of the Day

You probably didn’t see this, because no one watches Late Night TV, but Sweeney was still forced to hang out with one of the idiot hosts and she brought out her tits, which I assume is in her contract.


These TV networks have so much fucking advertising dollars, that they are still producing their late night TV shows that no one watches, but that they all pretend still exist and even worse, that they have any influence.

Everyone knows, that if anything of interest actually happened on that clown cuck fuck Fallon’s show, we’ll fucking see it on the social media machine….

LIKE SWEENEY BRINGING HER TITS on her promo tour, that shit is IMPORTANT….more imporant than that unfunny, embarrassing, song and dance, childish fuck who helped push the retarded brains of the people with his celebs playing elementary schoolyard games, and should be shot for it, but is instead paid heavily for it…all thanks to sucking off his SNL bosses…

Don’t let that ruin staring at SWEENEY’s tits…because you don’t have to see his retard smirk laughing at his own dumb jokes…

To see the pics CLICK HERE

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Is this Sydney Sweeney’s Leaked Panty Flash of the Day

The thing with Sydney Sweeney, who is Hollywood’s sweetheart thanks to her tits, is that she’s got great tits….that she shows off in a lot of her movie roles because that’s what you do when you’re built like Sydney Sweeney and have a dream of stardom, or management that know how to game the system.

I think she’s likely the most exciting thing Hollywood has brought us in the last few years, but that’s probably because she’s hardly whorish in her day to day life, or at least in her public life, so it’s like she’s unleashing her inner whore for her movie roles, while maintaining some level of decency as a public figure….which is the way it is supposed to be…

If I was to jerk off to celebs, and a I don’t, I’d want it to be one of those high profile people who don’t get naked unless they are being paid to let the tits out, it’s less desperate in these desperate times….

So the thing about Sweeney, is that with tits like hers, or roles like the ones she gets, it’s hard to determine whether the selfie is of her flashing her panties, or of her in a movie flashing her panties, or her doing Euphoria flashing her panties, or if it’s just AI Sweeney, or some other girl with that eye disease flashing her panties with the same sized tits…

So much to think about, I’ll leave you to it…

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Sydney Sweeney’s Red Dress Milking of the Day

Sydney Sweeney’s like the one cow in the village after a natural disaster who still has the ability to be milked, because every motherfucker in that town is trying to milk it, but in Sweeney’s case that town is Hollywood and the tits being milked aren’t for 30 dollar smoothers from EREWOHN or whatever that place it’s called, they are being milked to get young people to watch shit movies….

Earlier in the week, Sweeney was at the People’s Choice awards and she decided to wear a distracting red dress with her big milkers out on display as they are in anything she does, since they are her secret weapon and gift….

The red dress keeps popping up while she’s popping out on my feed…so I figure I should put it on my actual feed, since this is MY website and I curate this bullshit..

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Sydney Sweeney’s Red Titty Dress in Video of the Day

I could just add this video to the PEOPLE’S CHOICE RECAP that I brought you as someone who didn’t watch the People’s Choice Awards, who is shocked the People’s Choice Awards has brand and network funding, because clearly the people making the choices are either retarded or AI chat bots….

I wasn’t invited to the People’s Choice awards, because the people didn’t choose me, however in the earlier internet days, I did used to game the all voting competitions because we had some influence and I won multiple local contests because my internet stardom got me votes….oh the glory days back when I was equally irrelevant, but there were more people clicking links…

I wasn’t sent any press releases to cover the People’s Choice Awards, because I don’t exist, and either should they….but I did see Sweeney’s big tits in a red dress and despite the downsy face, the lack of whatever chromosome she deals with, the tits looked great….

So great that she showed them off on her INSTAGRAM feed in video, because SHE knows what she’s doing with tits like that, how can you not use them for every perverted loser out there who gets excited about tit….

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Sydney Sweeney’s Tits are the People’s Choice of the Day

In shocking news, the People’s Choice Awards still exist, which is really just a testament of old timey marketing people still having their grip on the fat marketing budgets from the brands they partner up with, because there is no way anyone watches that shit or even interacts with that shit, but you know it’s millions of dollars invested from the big brands to finance the dog shit they won’t take out back and kill.

I have a hard time believing, even in this internet world with FB pages and old ladies obsessed with their FB feed, that anyone is even voting on any of these people. It’s being gamed by robot voters at the Indian call center they buy their fake followers from.

In not so shocking news, Sydney Sweeney and her inbred retard face were the highlight of the night, because she wore a red dress and you know what they say about the girl in the red dress, at least what the trannies who made the MATRIX say about the girl in the red dress, or at least what they say about this girl in a red dress and that is that her tits are fucking rockin’….however the tits may be UP, but that face syndrome is definitely DOWNS.


Along with SWEENEY’s tits, we had Megan Fox looking like a real life AI Version of a cartoon character that didn’t really remind me of Megan Fox


Kylie Minogue didn’t die of Breast Cancer, but she did go to the People’s Choice Awards to perform like it’s the 80s….all old as shit…


Halle Bailey is not Halle Berry, but she’s probably named after her because Halle Berry is so inspiring to all who don’t realize she’s WHITE and she’s got tits…


Spielberg’s Internet Find Rachel Zegler They Are trying to Make into an A-Lister was there winning shit….


Carmen Electra took some time off her OnlyFans hustle to show up to an event all scary as shit..

CLICK HERE FOR Carmen Electra


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Sydney Sweeney’s Still Got Tits of the Day

If you had tits like Sydney Sweeney’s you’d be smiling too….ideally in your mouth and not on your chest, but if you had her tits on your chest, you’d probably be smiling to, just to yourself from your home where you never leave because you’d be too busy playing with them…and when I saw breasts on your chest, I don’t her breasts pressed on your chest, I mean her breasts growing off your chest like some kind of freak that is ashamed of his breasts because boys don’t have breasts, at least they aren’t supposed to, at least there didn’t used to….and you get bullied for that shit until the jocks realize how hot your tits are and figure it’s not as gay as their hazing rituals to build team spirit if they jerk off on them….

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