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Rihanna Braless at the Raptors Game and Other Videos of the Day

Rihanna is dating Drake, who as you know by all the internet MEMES, is an aspiring basketball wife himself, so he needs his girl to support that…

She got put on the jumbotron and performed by shaking her braless tits because she’s thirsty, a gluten, still so eager even though she’s already be given so much…Which brings me to this song someone sent me that properly represents her nipples…

Rihanna Braless Nets and Raptors Game

Speaking of black people and basketball…here’s Donald Sterling, the owner of the Clippers and his racist rant…that his gold digging asian looking half black half mexican girlfriend recorded and released like a nice girl…who has no respect for his wallet she’s been fucking…but it’s a good opportunity to get her famous.

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