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You Won’t Believe Nikki Giavasis’ Booty of the Day

Her name is NIKKI GIAVASIS and I am in love…

How do you like that Clickbait title, I’m so modern with my blogging, you know just trying to fit in with all the other cheap internet journalists, including CNN…with their tricks…but the reality of it is….Nikki Giavasis’ booty…is …booty…

I used to be a booty hater when the booty movement first happened, I mean fuck J.Lo, that bitch is garbage…then Kim Kardashian…also garbage, but then instagram happened, and all these other fit ass girls, started coming up…then I left my house and saw all these booty girls actually existed in their leggings…and then it dawned on me…big round ass is the hottest shit around…because a hot big ass is so much more of a talent than a set of fake tits…it’s a rare beautiful gem I want to have sit on my face…after it does 1000 squats a day…

This is the future and Nikki Giavasis is the leader….


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