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Rita Ora Nipples for Terry Richardson of the Day

It’s too bad that Terry Richardson isn’t actually a creep, he’s a professional who everyone I know who has shot with him has said is nothing but a professional, he just takes perverted pictures that are actually pretty boring compared to what it used to be…

I would have loved to hear stories about Rita Ora being throat fucked and cummed all over by Terry like like she probably already has when she was starting her career…a career that has not been very monumental, but has instead just been a waiting game for Rihanna’s drug overdose….you know where she’s dating successful producers and trying to make hits…but probably seeing her best work…in see through shirts like she was Rihanna, cuz nipples are in, and I guess the only thing she has over Rihanna is some tits.

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  • cannon

    They copied Talula Wilde

  • Rosarch

    Keep sucking this pedo’s dick loser.