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Rita Ora Cherry Popper Bikini of the Day

Rita Ora Cherry Popper Bikini and Jean Shorts 2

Rita Ora is the popstar who never was, but who keeps trying, really fucking hard from every single angle possible, and who may have finally made it now that she’s partnered up with a kid from One Direction, you know leverage the real fame, piggy back it, or let it piggy back you sexually, and eventually people will listen…THEY WILL LISTEN!!

She is still putting out slutty content, you gotta build off what you’ve built off of…and keep building….because you only got one chance….leverage….

She has fucked a Kardashian….She has fucked Calvin Harris…She has used tits to get where she had to go and she has already got way further than expected.

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Rita Ora Black Panties of the Day

Rita Ora Slutty Black Panties and Bra

In exciting attention seeker from the UK, trying to make it in America and doing a pretty good job of it, because I guess Americans like to see people steal their jobs because they are too lazy to do the job themselves, even though they’ll complain about it over and over again, because it is the American way, that give this one, who isn’t even that hot, the opportunity to move in on the trendy parties and events, get a record deal, release music no one has ever heard, and eventually become known because of social media and really any media she could do….thanks to her big tits…

I Guess She’s into her ass now, more than just tits, confident she has more to give the world, probably because she has some hit song on the radio that I’ve never heard, but that she probably is really pumped on because it’s officially made her “happen”..

The whole thing…crazy…really…the viral video that still exists.

Rita Ora Slutty Black Panties and Bra 1


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Happy Easter From The Slutty Easter Bunnies of the Day

With every holiday comes a series of clickbait obvious content that the people of social media put together like they were still in elementary school and it was a theme day…

Some people, like Maitland Ward do it everyday, because every day is a national “something” day…making a great opportunity for little thought to make content…

Other people just save it for the big days….like Christmas, Fourth of July, Halloween which has a life of it’s own, and EASTER….because bunny ears, since Playboy in the 50s, are a symbol of slutty behavior, slutty women, sluts…

So here’s our compilation of sluts being sluts on easter…some famous, some not, all trying to be clickbait…

Like our header pic – lead it pic – AUBREY O’DAY who won’t talk about fucking trump, but will post up her ass…

or Jojo – Who the fuck cares about Jojo

And Rita Ora the biggest clickbaiter famewhore around…

If this doesn’t capture the easter spirit – I don’t know what will…

How about Selena Gomez….big titty jesus freak….

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Rita ORa Instathot of the Day

Rita Ora in a tight white bikini

Hey Rita ORa

We know you finally got a song on the charts thanks to being the back-up singing to a kid from One Direction…the strategic moves has been a huge success that has worked out great for you..

But the whoring on instagram, is really where it matters, it’s where relevance is made and where relevance is kept, all through provocative images….like whatever this is.

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Rita Ora Bikini of the Day

Rita Ora Nude Bikini on Her Back

According to the internet, you can see Rita Ora’s nipple in this weird posed bikini picture, with her tit spilling out everywhere, and that’s pretty remarkable, I mean more remarkable than anything she’ achieved in her bottom feeding, literally eating the bottom of that fat Rob Kardashian when she decided to more to America and have a go at being the next Rihanna….

She’s finally starting to make it, despite having had all kinds of social media fans….on the international famous level…no one knows what she’s done or what she sings…but she keeps trying…becoming a semi household name was the starting point….now she’ll fill in the blanks with her shitty music, or maybe, at least according to her social media feed, through continuing her social media whoring big tits out…

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Rita Ora Panty Flash of the Day

Rita Ora showing her white sheer panties in a lace dress

Rita Ora is the popstar who never was, but who keeps trying, from every single angle possible, and who may have finally made it now that she’s partnered up with a kid from One Direction, you know leverage the real fame, piggy back it, or let it piggy back you sexually, and eventually people will listen…

She’s been doing that tactic the whole career, thanks to her big tits, perverts paid attention and now that she has a hit song I’ve never heard…but that was part of the 50 Shades of Grey Soundtrack…she’s go more fuel in her famewhore clickbaiting….putting even more effort that maybe by 40, she’ll be considered the Next Rihanna..even though I doubt that will ever happen for her…

So when a set of tits need to stay talked about, they go out in public in what looks like lingerie, sleepwear, who the fuck knows, but it’s slutty and exhibitionism…as you’d expect.


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Rita Ora Tight Bodysuit of the Day

Rita Ora pussy in white panyhose

Rita Ora is a set of tits….that exists on social media and beyond thanks to being an international celebrity from Europe…and beyond because she is magical, talented and most importantly a set of tits…

From what should have been a Cruise or Resort act, she’s managed to finally make it in America, sucking up to the right people along the way, being resilient enough to continue going out in public despite being a failure at being a popstar, almost a laughable celebrity, who people just assumed was a make a wish foundation or Kelly Osbourne…

Either way…garbage…but she fame whores hard…tries so hard…sluts out for attention so hard…and here she is….

More of her white bodysuit

Here she is ready for fitness..



How about her nipples…

Grabbing her tit?

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Rita Ora Fitness Erotica of the Day

I don’t think anything Rita Ora does or has done on her attempt to get famous, that she really put her everything into, because failure wasn’t an option…from sucking Kardashian dick, literally, to sucking Calvin Harris dick, to whoever elses dicks as she navigated her attempt to get famous, and choosing titties to get there…

No one can name one of her songs, but she exists, is on TV, invited to events, and getting paid in campaigns…while no one says “I thought she was a Rihanna impersonator”…

The whole thing is crazy, and she’s got a song on the charts now, reaffirming all she’s done, meaning she’s going to be extra fucking annoying about it.

Rita Ora’s Ass in Leggings of the Day

Rita Ora arrives at LAX Airport

rita ora posing in leggings and sports bra

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Rita Ora Tits out of the Day

Rita Ora tits out in a white shirt

Rita Ora is posting some slutty posts on social media, which is pretty much her thing, and you probably saw them on social media, because social media made the blogs irrelevant, because no one needs to hear my commentary on Rita Ora, or her tits, or how she’s been trying to get famous for many years, even though no one actually knows what she does.

I call this “From fucking a Kardashian, to fucking a DJ / Producer, to fucking whoever else I am too lazy to google but know she fucked because otherwise we wouldn’t be talking about her”….

I consider her a low hanging celebrity who is barely a celebrity, with tits she promotes hard, and that we’ve already seen, and that are getting bored of because there are so many other tits to look at….but that this one managed to use properly enough to get on a 50 Shades of Grey song with a kid from One Direction so that people finally care…

It just takes one hit to get there and she’s likely been hammering away at this one hit for fucking ever….and pulled it off…and still pulling that top off….

Here’s to making it in America like she wants to – up on some next Rihanna and Katy Perry bullshit performer level…who are all as bootleg as her…

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Rita Ora Photoshopped of the DAy

Rita Ora Photoshopped in a black one piece

Rita Ora’s finally made it, I mean at least that’s the direction it seems her career is finally taking, after years of trying every fucking angle possible, including but not limited to fucking a Kardashian to get into the American mainstream….back when she wanted to be the next Rihanna, probably 10 years ago at this point…but thrown roadblock after roadblock, mainly that she really wasn’t a compelling celebrity, but a bootleg try hard, scrambling hard….with only one thing consistent…and that is her big tits….and I guess her always being around, at all the events, talked about, mooching…

Well, she got a job as a back up singer for some One Direction kid for a 50 Shades of Grey song, because they knew she had a following and it could help promote the song on social media, as it’s not about the most talented, just the loudest, proven by every instagram whore making her millions of dollars…

And that song…probably because 50 Shades of Grey is behind it, and mainly because a One Direction guy is behind it, has hit number 1 on the GERMAN charts, like she was David Hasselhoff or some SCAT porn, and I’m sure that’s exciting for a girl who has wanted nothing more than this her entire life…and what better way to celebrate that some fetish pic.

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Rita Ora in a Diaper and Bra of the Day

Rita Ora in a white diaper on stage at the Brits

The BRIT awards happened, which I guess is another award show that no one cares about except maybe the people nominated and the people using the red carpet to draw some media attention to themselves, in what is a “let’s celebrate people who are already celebrated, by putting them up against each other, despite all being winners, to give a sense of challenge, or a benchmark or goal to reach, even if it doesn’t actually matters, but it helps massage their egos”….you know typical marketing hype to sell ads and get “important” people together for a night of bullshit..

OBVIOUSLY the UK’s own was there clickbaiting as hard as she could, I mean this is probably a dream of hers, especially now that’s she’s actually started to get some recognition internationally and in America, where she’s been scrambling for so long, it’s her time to shine….so she put on her best diaper so that she doesn’t shit herself in the process with all the excitement of finally making it…

RITA ORA…a legend in the making…who no one knows who or what she does…besides Rihanna impressions…but girls making it happen…in a diaper….with them famous for her tits famous tits.

Here she is on the red carpet

and here she is in her bra and thong ..


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Rita Ora in a Bra of the Day

Rita Ora shows her tits in a see through lace bra

Rita Ora, a Rihanna Impersonator who fucked her way to being known….but no one really knew what she was known for….but her name would pop up here and there…and pretty much everywhere. From sucking a fat Kardashian Dick, no not Kim’s, her brothers…to Calvin Harris, to whoever else, this has been 10 years in the making, getting her invited places without begging to attend or bugging her manager to attend the events…

She’s got her first hit song..and finally important enough to post the bra pictures without doing it shamelessly, she doesn’t need the bra pics to get followers, she’s made it…she’s just into the bra pic to celebrate her success and hard work…or to say “I know you’re only here for the tits”….

Rita Ora on Stage Cameltoe


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Rita Ora’s Nipple Flash of the Day

Rita Ora brought out her nipples…for some bullshit self promotion – because she’s got a hit song from mooching off her years of mooching, finally landing a movie song for Fifty Shades of Grey, with a famous dude from One Direction, all mooching….it made the charts, it’s a big deal so pull nipples out!! It’s empowering when your tits are your only power….

Good Rita Ora hustle…..

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Rita Ora Naked for Instagram of the Day

Rita Ora hiding her pussy nude on the beach

We live in an internet world where the most important thing, besides the very exciting Olympics, is that some shameless self promotor, escort to music producers and record execs, who has annoyingly positioned herself at all the places to be, so that decision makers eventually start giving her charitable donations, that allow her to feel like she matters…and to celebrate her Fifty Shade of Grey song she made with a One Direction, that would have gone big regardless of her being the female on the song, because people love One Direction, her first real hit, she’s out naked and in a bikini to make it really matter…

I mean she’s been at this attempt to be the next Rihanna for a long time, and I guess she’s got a taste of that so the only thing to do is nakedness..

Some Videos…..

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Rita Ora Pussy Grab of the Day

Rita Ora Holds her pussy on the red carpet

It was Grammy Weekend, so you know what that means for a bottom feeder who feeds her bottom like Rita Ora….it means TIME TO GET TO WORK….while the execs are in NYC for the bullshit awards…leaving their wives and families back home…

Which is likely why her pussy is being grabbed, or scratched…because everyone in Hollywood has a hard on for each other…and some of them have a hard on for this one…possibly more than one of them did this weekend…her juggling…which is exactly why she’s around, exists, and has a “music” career along with every other career she’s got because girl tries every angle she can…and what it all comes down to is her best angle is her tits.

Here you go:

Here’s some of her social media attention seeking weirdness with the pussy flash on:


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