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Rita Ora’s Rockin Body of the Day

Rita Ora just launched a direct to consumer hair brand, because direct to consumer products is how these people get really fucking rich, but in Rita Ora’s case, it’s one of her only options because people don’t seem to hire her as much as they should.

Sure, she’s rich as shit and is a hot bodied celebrity with rockin’ tits. Sure, she gets some paid jobs, but it’s not anything like the other celebrities out there with even less followers than Rita Ora. It’s like someone has it out for her, despite checking all the boxes…the way we’d like to check her box…if you know what I mean, how could you not?

This post isn’t about the business of Rita Ora or her tits, I mean maybe it’s about her tits, but it’s not about how she isn’t taken seriously as a celebrity while she does make stupid money consistently….

It’s about some pics of her fit body in a bikini circulating from Australia, where I guess she lives, since her husband the filmmaker is probably based out of there…and I guess it’s also about her one-piece catsuit showing off her fit body, because who really gives a fuck about the trials and tribulations of Rita Ora unless those Trials and Tribulations are in the form of sex tapes, riding the mechanical bull, wrestling, or trying to eat herself out.

She’s older, but doing fitness, so rotting at a slower pace. Critical survival tools.

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Taylor Swift in No Pants with Rita Ora and her Husband David Cohen of the Day

The most impressive thing about this is that Taylor Swift is pantsless, in some leotard thing, something I typically love as an outfit…yet still has zero sex appeal. How is it possible that a tall skinny blonde chick is this unappealing. I don’t get it….

But the other impressive thing is that I recognized Rita Ora via recognizing David Cohen, while I have facial recognition blindness. Good fucking job….

I know that Taylor Swift may be the biggest star, the biggest celebrity, the biggest music act of the era, but I don’t believe it.

I just think that means that a lot of people on the international level are easily manipulated morons.

Anyone with a brain, knows that Taylor Swift is a hack, a psy-op, a manipulation of the hive mind and it’s not a right wing conspiracy….someone this mid-range, getting as much hype as she’s getting, is due to witchcraft…witchcraft Rita Ora’s trying to suck off like it is David Cohen, because being Taylor Swift famous is probably her dream….so the next best thing is fame whoring the boring whore….

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Rita Ora’s Tits Squished in a Very Tight Dress of the Day

Here’s a little Rita Ora Tit Squish for the Tit Squish fetishists out there…

I don’t know if there’s a fetish for tits being snuffed out like a cigarette butt in efforts to prevent forest fires….or if people are down with the wrapping the tits up as tight to the body as you can so that you can live your life as a man, because wrapped tits makes you a amn…..or if people are down with tits packed tighter than leftovers…..but I assume that for any weird thing you conceive a person can do for the orgasms, someone out there has done it and my obsessively be into doing it….making a tits saran wrapped in a dress hardly that shocking when dudes are out there eating used tampons out of Walmart bathrooms..

Anyway, Rita Ora, looking older and more sophisticated is in a tight dress, that could be seen as a latex dress to the dudes out there who love cumming on girls in latex dresses, even though they make tits look like they’re being choked out in a motel room before being thrown in the river wrapped in a shower curtain all gasping for air….

And I like Rita Ora….

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Rita Ora Gives You Kissy Face of the Day

Big Titty Rita Ora is pretty wonderful. I don’t hate her or hate on her like I do other celebs. I think she’s put in the fucking work and does good for herself, all while having hot tits, which I am sure made the experience so much harder.

I wouldn’t say I am a fan of Rita Ora, since I can’t be a fan of any of these garbage assholes, plus I don’t even know what she does but I can say that she’s a wonderful gift from the celebrity machine, who had a huge record deal taken from her because Rihanna whined to Jay-Z about her….forced to fend for herself with millions of dollars before finally finding love and stability with David Cohen, the filmmaker she married….all while having those tits…

Anyway, she posted a pic of her making a kissy face that you can open wide on your ipad and make out with…

Or if you’re creative, you can jerk off on, like those cumtributes on reddit that I am sure the celeb with the big tits appreciate bceause it makes her feel wanted and loved.

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Rita Ora’s Tight Shorts of the Day

I don’t know if Rita Ora was at the Grammy Awards, but she is in short shorts that are tight shorts, and that may be better than anything the Grammy Awards brings us.

I do know that Rita Ora is a potential industry star, but she was ousted from her lucrative contract early in her career and didn’t have the deep pockets to market her into some pop icon, but for the last decade, she’s been grinding, showing up at all the events to build her reach, network, audience and celebrity, and through it all she’s had a rockin’ set of tits.

The nice thing about these short shorts, these tight shorts, is that you can’t see her dick….which either she tucks, or doesn’t have, because she’s not a transgender.

I know Rita Ora is old, but I believe in her reaching the top of the food chain and not because she’s fucked herself to the top of the food chain, but that helps….I believe in her reaching the top of the food chain, because her tits are big enough for us all to latch on and survive whatever impending apocalypse that’s coming.

Don’t eat the tits that feed you, suck em…or stare at them….or suck them while staring at them…

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Rita Ora Tits Hit Number 1 of the Day

Rita Ora is a goddess, a hot bodied, big titty, Albanian refugee goddess.

I don’t care what all the haters have to say, this girl was signed and ready to be a top performing popstar over a decade ago. Her career got cockblocked by Rihanna, who was the real earner for Jay Z’s label, making them pay her out and forcing her to fend for herself with a lot of fucking money in her pocket….

She aimlessly brought the tits to events, sometimes more than one event a day, she dated top level producers like Calvin Harris, and still barely had a hit…despite being more than capable of having hits….with the tits…

She’s finally older and settled with some Taikia David Cohen Waikiki motherfucker, so that motherfucker gets to play house with the tits…but at least we get to look on and see her finally reach her stride, or hit the success she has deserved when people would laugh at her thinking she was just some nobody with tits at all the parties.

Rita Ora’s song has hit number 1 apparently, this is GIANT news for a decade of struggles, if having hot tits, access and a lot of money, fans and brand sposorships and hosting opportunities is struggling….it’s not….it’s just hard on the ego when you could have hits and don’t, but now she does…so fingers crossed that we get more TITS.

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Rita Ora’s Shameless Bikini Selfie of the Day

I don’t know about you, but I appreciate the shameless bikini in front of the mirror in the bathroom selfie.

I assume she just took a shit and has got all of the food from Fashion week, assuming she eats, out of her system. Maybe she’s all dehydrated from all the alcohol she’s been consuming at fashion week, basically helping her cut those middle aged abs in a way that make her tits look bigger….tits that are already decent sized, even if they are starting to age like you’d expect them to age. There’s only so much the elasticity of a heavy set breast can take during the aging process….

You know she think she’s looking hot enough for a selfie, that’s why she’s sharing it on her feed, and if she thinks she’s hot enough for a bikini selfie, that means this is her looking her bikini best and we’re all just so lucky to be a part of the whole thing….aren’t we.

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Rita Ora’s in her Bikini of the Day

I don’t know if Rita Ora converted to Judaism when she married David Cohen from New Zealand, but I am going to assume that she’s got that “IRON DOME” locked in because she’s been circulating the industry for a long time and keeps managing to level up.

Known for her tits, like all women, since I judge and remember all girls from their tits, she’s done important things like host the Time Square New Years Eve with Ryan Seacrest, as well drop albums, do acting, influnecer campaigns, she’s a fucking machine…literally…she has to be….that’s how she get where she got.

Well, she has been doing fitness, and she’s looking good fit, so of course she’s posting bikini pics of the scaled down tits, looking hotter and less sloppy than ever, even though she’s old now. Don’t age gracefully women, fight it from every angle.

She’s also in the Sauna, you know trending health and wellness measures to fight the rot.

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Rita Ora’s Titty Dress for Thanksgiving of the Day

Rita Ora is from the UK, the old country. I mean, she’s really from Albania or some part of Yugoslavia before being migrated to the UK, but for the sake of this post, she’s from the UK because she carries that UK passport and that means she’s British, even if her heritage is not rotting teeth, grey skin, overcooked meat, bangers and mash and chimney sweeping.

She may not embody Thanksgiving to the average American, looking to see what kind of meals their favorite celebrities are eating, but she’s from the old country, without which we’d never be able to colonize the new country and have the feast with the Natives we had before stealing their land as colonizers do. So if anything, she’s the Thanksgiving origin story….

So while you’re all stuffing Turkey, watching football, fighting with family, hating your life and eating your face off in hopes of having a coronary episode, she was at some event with her tits out and as someone with great tits, known for her tits, who has used those tits to keep herself in the media, trending and relevant, I give thanks to the tits in this post.

Rita Ora matters, or at least her tits do, hence the outfit choice..

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Rita Ora Bathtub Boots of the Day

Rita Ora posted slutty pics in the bathroom, better than pics of her having violent shits in the bathroom, which is probably what goes on in her bathroom more often than slutty posing….unless you’re a scat fan….

So lucky for us non-scat fans…who find shit vile….this is a better use of a bathroom….

To a scat fan, a bathroom without shit is a bathroom they want nothing to do with…

All this to say, where are the tits!


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