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Emily DiDonato in Vogue Australia of the Day

All you motherfuckers are complaining about the heat. Seriously, I have people on my Facebook in California running from Fires, in New York whining about the heat, in Europe complaining…it’s like motherfuckers, we are all going to die when the earth blows up thanks to our misuse of the motherfucker, just kick back and get a tan while it happens…or look at pics of Emily DiDonato, doing the Winter issue of Vogue Australia, because Winter is starting in Australia, to cool the fuck off…they’ve even sexed the whole thing up with some Sauna pics, but the reality is that anything this girl does that is sexy, is cooled off knowing that she’s been inside Jake Gyllenhaal’s man-pussy…

But I’ll post the pics anyway, I mean why the fuck not, you can hate a girl for the things she puts inside her, but you can’t hate the girl for getting paid to sit in a Sauna in underwear…

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