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Hana Jirickova Hot in a Bathing Suit of the Day

THis Hana Jirikova has the name of a failed mail order bride turned fashion model who has SHOWN HER TITS , but is not like other girls with similar name who are sex workers in resort towns around the world….because her height was something that the mafia that runs this shit could monetize more than making her into a cam girl, pornstar or other hooker these soulless easter European girls do…

But then again, she could be from the midwest…and her dad could be an engineer or middle manager, but where is the fun in that storyline…I prefer Czech brothels for rich people…and I guess she’s making moves because she had this massive spread, half naked, and amazing, in what is actually one of my favorite bikini shoots I’ve seen in a long time for some Elle France type magazine…

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