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Kate Upton The Men Magazine of the Day

Kate Upton put her big tits to good use, as she does some magazine called The Man Magazine, which I guess creates sexist content for men, that make treat us like tit loving, 6-pack ab wanting, trying to get laid, idiots…as men magazines do…I’ve never heard of the magazine, because I am more about looking at girl’s assholes, working on getting as fat as I can without dying, and prefer my face smothered by hookers than sex with sluts I meet in a club…I guess I’m not a generic man, designed to live the life the media wants me to….

Either way, they photo shopped her so hard that she looked like a Sears catalog, despite being a buffet owner’s worst nightmare, the kind of girl who throws off their pricing model by eating all the fucking food….

But I guess when she’s photoshopped her tits look less sloppy and that’s a good thing…

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  • Phillip McCracken

    Huh, The Man Magazine? I wouldve thought these were shot for “Fat Fetishism Monthly”

  • Joe

    Shes not fat…perfect. You want some bounce in a woman, to add plump women orgasm faster and more powerful then skinny ones. —dont know why (and it sure is cool) why but fact from experience IMHO.

  • Chris

    You’ll never get a woman this hot and it’s hilarious how you try to unsuccessfully put her down. Stay hating neckbeard.

    Oh and sloppy tits? Pull up a video from a Sports Illustrated shoot, those incredible tits are as far from sloppy as tits can get. Rest of her is incredible too.

    Rest assured though, plenty of women with their rib cages nearly sticking through the skin are just a quick Google search away.

  • Ty

    I like boobs that are a bit sagging that means they’re real and bouce