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Pregnant Kate Upton for the Perverts of the Day

You fucking perverts….

This is pregnant Kate Upton….

You fucking perverts….

With her fat tits that your pervert minds made famous, I mean coupled with her family fortune, but that you’re responsible for regardless…

All pregnant with parasite growing within her, before it squeezes out of her cunt, in what you hope will be a birthing video on Youtube, but will likely just be a mangled cunt.

You fucking perverts…


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Kate Upton Big Tits Fat in Lingerie of the Day

Kate Upton Big Tits Fat in Lingerie

I am going to assume that these Kate Upton big titties in lingerie pics were taken before her pregnancy, despite her always seemingly being built like a pregnant chick, which I guess could be the secret to her success, always stay 3-4 months pregnant before aborting that mission, to maintain her hormonally fucking weird shaped body that Americans seem to fucking love…but now she’s officially announced the pregnancy cuz she’s married to her star baseball husband…and his pile of money she doesn’t even need cuz she’s Kate Upton and her grandpa invented Whirlpool (the appliance company)…rich.

Kate Upton Big Tits Fat in Lingerie


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Kate Upton Topless of the Day

Kate Upton Topless

Simmer down Kate Upton…

I feel like she’s the kind of rich kid turned model who pretends that she’s so annoyed of people sexualizing her for her tits, while knowing that she only exists because of her tits, and that at 18 when she happened, she wouldn’t have ever gone viral without what must be some terrifying fucking tits….

I’ve see her tits, they are monstrous, terrifying, yet amazing…even if the rest of her is dumpy and weird shaped….but clearly we as a people can focus on what is good about her..and she does the same….

We only see her tits cuz she wants us to…

Here is the video of her shaking her tits…

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Kate Upton Tits Out for Some Magazine of the Day

Kate Upton Big Tits Green Shirt for Maxim

I call this photo series – Saggy sag Dairy Cow from the Midwest…about to get milked….

But the truth is that Kate Upton is a powerful woman, showcasing her femininity…using her natural huge, and disgusting, sloppy breasts as a marketing tool, that would make her grandfather, the founder of WHIRLPOOL…yes…that WHIRLPOOL proud he revolutionized the washing machine to give his offspring….the opportunity to be famous for tits.

I don’t hate Kate Upton or her tits, I just don’t really know what the point of her is…besides the tits…

I don’t think I’m the one objectifying anyone here….

I think it’s pretty clear who is….

Kate Upton Ass in Sheer Nude Dress for Maxim

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Kate Upton Bikini of the Day

Kate Upton Big Fat Tits White Bikini

Kate Upton and her big juicy tits, the only reason she exists, have made an appearance..

I guess what the fuck else is some rich brat, who’s grandfather invented Whirlpool appliances, supposed to do when she’s born this ridiculously stacked….

It’s either deal with her hormonal issues, or show off them tits, like some low level girl at the stripclub, or bikini carwash, a dying type of car wash thanks to you liberal fucks….and she went the right direction…

The only issue was that the rest of her caught up with her tits, as they do when you get older and metabolisms slow down…something I guess she’s been fighting with now that she’s married, barely working, and still rich from every angle…allowing her the time to focus on fitness…that may or may not be working for her, but that is giving her the confidence in her older age to come back out in her bikini and say “LOOK AT MY BIG SLOPPY TITS AMERICA – THEY ARE STILL BIG AND SLOPPY – CELEBRATE ME AND MY BIG SLOPPIES” and I guess we will…cuz huge natural tits are really something worth celebrating…

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Kate Upton Cameltoe of the Day

Kate Upton Cameltoe in Pink Leggings

I like to think that Kate Upton is one of the first plus sized models who had the balls to pretend that she wasn’t plus sized, possibly because she was getting paid hefty, or maybe because she didn’t realize she was hefty, despite anyone having seen her in a bikini knew that those fat tits at 19, were soon going to be a fat everything, and that her life would be her fighting with being fat, pretending she’s not fat, but if she’s lucky the tits were so big and impressive, despite being sloppy and gross, that they would carry her for a few years in the eyes and heart of the American Man…and I guess it did..

I never found her hot, I always called her fat, people would actually get mad at that and call me a faggot, despite me thinking fucking fat chicks is more of a faggot thing to do, because they don’t know the difference between hot chick or gay chick, they just know they don’t like what they got their dick inside….not to mention this is the internet and I’m not here to look at fucking pigs, big tits or not, I want to top tier pussy in photos, getting paid…it’s part of the fantasy…the same way you perverts have your fetish videos on porn tube sites…my fetish is girls who aren’t fucking pigs…

Either way, fat Kate Upton, trying to not be fat, is so hungry that even her pussy’s getting a mouth full…eat up…yum.

Even her dog’s like “Wtf is this bitch onto”..

HEre’s the monster in lingerie – because that’s what she’s good for…

To See The Rest of the Pics CLICK HERE

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Fat Kate Upton Titty Whoring of the Day

Kate Upton's fat tits in a bra

THAT’s the shit Paul Marciano likes…about 15 years later than when he liked it…but it’s nice to know that she’s still out there using her tits to get paid, despite already being rich, and having a rich pro athlete boyfriend, thanks to all her Sports Illustrated work putting her in the Sports world, making weird bro athletes think she’s the hottest shit ever, when really she’s not the hot chick, she’s the steatorrhea, which is also known as FATTY stool, because girl’s been plus sized back when plus sized pretended it was normal sized….because the media lies, but the poor people who showed up on set with sample sizes for her shoots scrambled…

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