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Kate Upton Has Cleavage of the Day

Kate Upton Has Cleavage

Baseball wife Kate Upton was at some event with her big tits out – because those big tits are the only reason she’s a baseball wife..

I mean if you really wanted to dig into why she’s a baseball wife…you’d have to start with her grandfather or great grandfather who started Whirlpool appliances….you know WHIRLPOOL APPLIANCES…back in the 1920s when washing machines first started entering EVERY SINGLE HOUSEHOLD…

Then a few generations of rich kids later, they produced this big titty creature, who at 17 was just tits, so they figured throw her into modeling, Sports Illustrated swim, give the family a second shot at mainstream success..

Then she got fat, but SI kept using her, because their Analytics said she sold magazines….put her on the cover, men like big sloppy tits….and eventually..because marketined as this “hot” chick..who I don’t think is hot…but perfect for her Baseball Husband…

My favorite memory of her is when the baseball husband’s phone was hacked and nudes of him, her, and all kinds of other groupies were leaked…Brilliant…but she stuck through and now gets to look like a 40 year old being racy thanks to her pilates addiction for the company Christmas party…this looks like…

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Fat Kate Upton Thighs Celebrating Houston Win of the Day

Kate Upton’s dick she’s addicted to and stuck with even after his phone was hacked and all kinds of nudes of other girls were leaked – you know boys will be boys – just won the world series, and thus will be making more money and bonuses, and thus will knock her up, assuming she’s not already knocked up based on her sheer size, that is fucking huge…

What people don’t realize is that sure she’s happy for the win, the money, the success, the dude in a high, perfect chance to cheat on her with all the fans…

But she’s really only at the game for all the hot dogs she can get for free…fat as fuck…look at those thighs…perfect for a Texas win…you know start eating those Texas portions like you’re Jessica Simpson while her dad’s out diddling boys so he can’t stop her from eating all the BBQ…

That said this is supposed to be her at 18…..better than her at however many years she’s been eating since then.

Fat Kate Upton Thighs Celebrating Houston Win

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Kate Upton Pig on the Beach for SI of the Day

Kate Upton Pig on the Beach for SI

Kate Upton is still shooting for Sports Illustrated, I guess it’s been a slow year for Kate Upton and she wants the press, or maybe SI thinks of her as clickbait that helped carry them into the new media generation with her clickbait content that people viewed, only to not feature her last year and feel the burn of not having her, or at least that’s what they attributed to the failure of the latest issue they put out, where they chose plus sized model clickbait Ashley Graham and not plus sized model they pretend isn’t plus sized Kate Upton and they can’t have that happen again….but I guess they don’t realize that every shameless girl with an iPhone is taking pics as good as their catalog…even girls as high profile as their bullshit acts….and there’s no need for the middleman, the middleman is instagram..

That said, Kate Upton is massive, even after a year or two of fitness, dealing with being fat, her body is so fucking freaky looking, the tits still sloppy though and I guess that’s what we care about in her attempt to curve genetics wanting her to be 1000 pound pussy….well…she’s just a pig in a bikini…and these are the pics..



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Kate Upton’s Topless Bikini Shoot Fall of the Day

Kate Upton's Topless Bikini Shoot Fall

Kate Upton has been working out for the last 3 years to fit into a bikini again, despite having a dumpy, even gross, sloppy tit body that America fucking loves…

So SI need the clickbait and brought the broad back back to the beach, where they had her stand on something she fell the fuck off, only for the 40 person production team, because it takes a team to make shitty played out photoshoots, of shitty played out bitches, look good…and no nipples were flashed in the making of this publicity stunt the paid paparazzzi put out…because that’s not in her contract…she’s Hollywood now..

Dumb. Yes..her butt unimpressive. Yes. All this shit doesn’t matter. Totally.

She’s so fancy and rich and famous now…isn’t she…

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Kate Upton Sloppy Tit Comeback Tour of the Day

Kate Upton is an overrated sloppy titted over exposed, played out, old, washed up, but still sloppy titted, pile of bullshit…but that doesn’t stop Sports Illustrated from making clickbait videos of her…

The footage could be old, who knows, it’s not that complex of a video, a video that works out nicely for everyone involved, it gets SI back on the map, Kate Upton talked about, and that’s really all they are here for..

She may just be some rich kid with a big titty dream of using her family money to make that big titty dream a reality, by showing off the big titty…

A dream that thanks to her big titty turned out to be an attainable dream, and all it took was some sloppy natural tits and the right angling with the right magazine at the right time to get that fan base locked in…

Locked in thanks to people being perverts blinded by the tits.

She’s now in movies, an actual celebrity, and all it took was big tits, that even when the rest of her caught up to the tits, and made her a big sloppy mess, and her tits were big enough to tuck into her boxers…she still gets people watching because we are all big titty loving perverts and that’s all I have to say about that.

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Late Upton Models Without Her Tits of the Day

Kate Upton in a black gown

Kate Upton was this cocky little / massive rich twat who bought a career because at 18 she had monster tits and I guess figured she could monetize the monster tits – as the rest of her weren’t monster sized yet – and she had the resources to get to the top of titty modeling – at least the top to basic thinking half retard girls – Sports Illustrated – who I assume are easy to get to as they are slowly becoming irrelevant – and you’ve got tits and viral appeal..you know clickbait….instead of working a rub and tug where she belongs..

Well, she had a few years – probably 5 years of real relevance thanks to the media investing into content based on her since it got clicks…making her think she could finally start eating again…just as her metabolism was slowing down and her genetics wanted her gut to catch up to the monster tits…you know estrogen…

Most of those years were her as a fat chick, pretending to not be a fat chick, booking non-fat chick jobs, while being a fat chick, you know modeling shoots where she’d get on set and all the same sizes of clothing were forced to be size 14…a fucking monster…but everyone turned a blind eye to it, no one told her she was fat, she went through life clueless about how disgusting she was, until she reached a breaking point, when no one wanted her anymore, because she was too broad backed to fit in the frame of the image…they’d have her 1/2 a mile away posing just to get both shoulders in the shot…SHE EVEN GOT INTO MOVIES…based on big tits..what a world we live in…

So she got in shape, spent a couple of years getting in shape and I guess this brand is using her in a campaign like she matters, probably for some clickbait, without her tits, because she’s still trying to polarize that she’s not a fat chick…CLEVER.

YOU Can lose the gunt, but you’ll always have the gunt to me…

I don’t understand the Re-Brand-but it happened…so sophisticated and older…like a granny who will always be a shameless look at my titties whore to me…so regal…like American Royalty…the heiress of WHIRLPOOL APPLIANCES…what’s up you lil toaster over…

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Alexandra Daddario in a Swimsuit for the Layover of the Day

Some garbage movie called The Layover is coming out soon, and the promo pic they used to promote Alexandra Daddario and her big tits is a bikini shot with her bikini jacked up her pussy, and I guess that is hot enough…except when you look at her at the premiere with Kate Upton, her co-star….

The girls in the movie, Kate Upton and Alexandra Daddario at the premiere looking like fucking school buses, or middle aged moms on their way to a friend’s second marriage….because her husband left her for the babysitter.

NEITHER look hot and you can’t look at these pics and think “UGHHH SO HOT”….

You can however look at both of them half naked and think…”big tits i want to suffocate on”…because the thing about fat, thick, big girls..is that I love the idea of suffocating on their tits…

Here’s Kate Upton doing fitness..

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Kate Upton Pretends to be in Shape in Shape of the Day

Kate Upton is in SHAPE Magazine, but not necessarily in SHAPE, even though she’s been working out like a crazy person with an Athlete person to try to be as fit looking as possible, because when you have tits like that, you’re predisposed to be a fat chick, and it’s a constant battle to maintain the tits that are also the only thing people care about and a figure that’s still decent to look at and not broad, boxy, thick, or sloppy…something she hasn’t managed too well in the past, despite being a Swimsuit model, but that I guess is trying to polarize because if you’re in SHAPE magazine, you’re programming people to assume that means you’re in SHAPE…but it doesn’t…

She does look better than she has in the past, so it’s nice to see a girl keep up the tits…so athletic..you can tell cuz there’s a basketball in the pic.

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Kate Upton’s Big Titties in a Photoshoot of the Day

Kate Upton is taking on some fashion shoots, you know more high concept fashion editorial shit to show the world how diverse a model she is, and that she’s not jusst some sloppy titty bikini model the average American man loves as she spills over her bikini top setting off warning signs that she is in fact a fat chick in training…to not be a fat chick yet still a fat chick because her body is a fucking wreck if she doesn’t train…

She went viral, she go so fucking popular, all for having massive tits, and that is a good reminder to all girls out there that if you have small tits, you are nothing. You don’t matter. No one wants you. You don’t stand a chance….all the money out there for marketing will be sent to the girl with the big tits….

Well, she’s trying to get her name back out there now that she works out and the whole thing is magical..only because of her sloppy tits spilling out of her shirt…right…

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Kate Upton Hard Nipples of the Day

I haven’t jerked off to hard nipples in a white t-shirt since High School gym class, when I was 15 years old, and bras didn’t have the same level of padding they do today, and girls who happened to have big pre-hormone in the foot tits, had the big nipples to match, which was hard to take as a budding young pervert….who’d have to run to the the bathroom for a quick jerk off session hoping not to get caught…

I am not about to jerk off to hard nipples now, like that virgin 15 year old, but I will still look at them, as Busty, boxy, big overrated Kate Upton walks around shamelessly with them knowing that’s all anyone cares about when it comes to her…this is her marketing campaign….cuz the rest of her is pretty shit.

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Kate Upton Big Tits in a Bikini from the Right Angle of the Day

Kate Upton POSTED a bikini picture, because she’s hard at work in Turks and Caicos…wearing bikinis with confidence, which she did when she was 40 pounds heavier…because that’s what delusional, “I can’t do wrong”…”I’m so hot, the world loves me”…does to a set of huge tits…because she know as long as the huge tits were there, she’d be good…

Well, she works out daily now, her whole instagram feed is her working out, and she’s still doughy, but knows her angles, she’s been faking not being doughy her entire career….I guess the fear is losing the tits, you can’t lose the tits, the tits are what the world is obsessed with, even if they are likely terrifying when unleashed…and I guess you can cross reference her leaked nudes for that…

I encourage all girls to post their bikini pics from whatever angle they choose…because I think half nakedness is all that matters…oh and know your angles, I like being lied to in photos if it makes the fat bitch a hotter bitch.

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Kate Upton’s Britney Spears Lip Sync of the Day

I hate that I am posting or promoting the new episode of Lip Sync Battle for Spike, who have done zero to nothing to ever promote me, at least not that I remember, I feel like they have never done anything for me…

Well, they have one show that works still, in an era where TV is dead, and they milk the fuck out of it, like you’ll want to milk the fuck out of Kate Upton’s tits, while she’s on all fours…because as fat as Kate Upton has been, despite it being ignored, her tits have always been why she matters, I mean that and her family fortune because one of them invented the Washing Machine, but that doesn’t matter..when you put a bitch with fat tits on all fours…the people who like fat tits, which is every dude everywhere, will like watching…it’s her best angle…thanks to her push up bra..

YES this is Spike pandering for views..but sometimes…you just got to give motherfucker the views they want…because there’s a fat bitch with big tits on all fours showing off her tits..


Sure, shameless, low hanging fruit, but that’s what life is about and I am glad to see people branded as Men’s tv are still bringing the misogyny in this patriarchy…

We as men need wet t-shirt contests, growin women in girls in school girl outfits and really all slutty costumes…it is what makes us work, and what gets girls work…without us being so basic…so many of these women that are millionaires today – wouldn’t exist…because so many women who are millionaires did shit like this…magic…so simple…but the male mind is simple..quit trying to fuck with it and make us a bunch of girls.

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Kate Upton Monster Tits in Vogue Thailand of the Day

Kate Upton’s monster tits are in Vogue Thailand, a very prestigious bootleg that is usually full of Lady Boys used as a menu for the british Tourists coming for to come in Lady Boys…idea children…at least that’s what I assume goes on a VOGUE Thailand, because that’s the only thing that really goes on in Thailand…the latest fashions aren’t that interesting to locals…but rather the latest ways to see your children to tourists is…

DOESN’T MATTER…..what does matter is that Kate Upton is still as prestigious as she once was – after buying her career with her Washing Machine inheritance – her great – grandfather invented the washing machine – so that she could have a career as the monster mid-western 17 year old tits dudes jerked off to…before the rest of her caught up with her by 19…and she was forced to live fat in shame in the corner..until realizing “My boyfriend is an athlete and we have a gym in my house, maybe I should use it, so that magazines like VOGUE THAILAND feature me like I matter”….all while trying to continue her acting career that only happened because she was viral internet popular…you know…but her tits…they are bigger than my head and that is always fun.

Here’s a video.

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Poking Kate Upton’s Tit of the Day

Apparently this is video of someone named Erin Foster poking Kate Upton’s big sloppy tit – and people are pretty excited about it……because Kate Upton, rich kid, has been milking her tits forever, like the cow that she is, and she’s not about to stop now…they are her only real asset, the only thing going for her, I mean other than her trust fund she’s got from her rich family who invented the fucking washing machine, probably thinking “when we’re long dead, I hope our patent allows our HEIRS to use their tits for fame”….FINGERS CROSSED..

Her tits are sloppy and for someone who likes sloppy things because they are disgusting they are great…even though I find her pretty fucking disgusting.

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Mariah Carey’s Nipple in a Bra too Small for Her as Kate Upton’s GUNT Meets Walken at the Vanity Fair Party of the Day

Mariah Carey and Her Monster Tits were also at that very same event…..all crazy looking….but busty…in a bra too small for her because she’s crazy…but not too crazy to expose the nippple…

Kate Upton was also there…

I feel like this is the kind of picture some of the worst nerds out there would fucking love to jerk off to, so that’s my motivation in posting it…

Kate Upton, big girl marketed as a skinny girl, despite being a big girl, because she’s rich as fuck and could create or buy her own destiny / career…who has been starving herself and working out hard the last two years to be less fat….showed up to an Oscar Party…with her gunt in tow….where she met who I assume is Chistopher Walken….but who really could be anyone she’s trying to suck up to to further her career….

And Nina Dobrev…who looks like she’s dying of AIDS was there, but should probably have been over at the Elton John AIDS event…due to her looking like she’s got AIDS…but I’ve heard she’s got herpes…not AIDS…what do I know..

Nina Agdal was there in a sheer dress – and all it took was fucking Leonardo DiCaprio to get her there…good strategy…

Hooker Rat Cow was at the Vanity Fair event, because this bitch and her social media account money, have milked as many opportunities as fucking possible. She goes to every single event she can get into – to be some socialite – or to reposition to polarize herself as a legit celebrity, or model, and not a low life naked for attention gutter slut….that we now this famewhore is….trying so hard…while being garbage….amazing tits though…that’s all that matters…

Sofia Vergara brought her ass out to an event…sure she’s from TV…but she gets it done girl….

Katy Perry was there…not hot…but trying to be hot…making for a very weird face that has one at life in a push up bra….less fat than she used to be…but equally annoying I’m sure…

Thandie Newton Dressed Like Michael Jackson…


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