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Heidi Klum Implied Nudity with a Purse of the Day

Heidi Klum decided to model nude with some expensive bag because she likes to come out of the woodwork, even though she’s 100 fucking years old, since it is good for her ego and for her to feel relevant…and I would be okay with that if her implied nudity was more spread eagled nudity as most girls tend to not give a fuck about their naked asses being out there when they hit a certain age, because they’ve pretty much given up on dignity and realize that naked or not, no one actually cares, but I guess in Heidi Klum’s case, it’s best to keep that vagina under wraps. She’s had countless children, but more importantly is German, an Aryan, and was fucking Seal a Black guy with scarred up face, not necessarily the kind of guy any one would fuck, even if he was the sweetest man or greatest singer around, but rather because he’s got a massive fucking penis and man-handles her like he was the farm hand…on the family farm…back during Nazi germany…

All this to say, the bag is in a good spot, because shit has gone into and out of that vagina, that would probably make it best kept secret- especially at 50 fucking years old…

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  • Travis

    Don’t forget all the fisting &scat-play. That will wear on a gal over time…