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Sophie Simmons Wet T-Shirt of the Day

I am not a KISS fan. I realize that Gene Simmons is a good money maker. He created his act to sell product and it worked…because when you’re a sell out before you start…your fan base doesn’t expect more from you…

Meaning, I don’t want to fuck his daughter to have a real piece of kiss….I watched their show a few times and didn’t care for her but figured his fans did…because fucking his kid is better than fucking him if you’re not about the gay.

That said, after seeing pics from her see through photoshoot, her big fucking fat girl tits…I still don’y want to fuck her…but I would let her suffocate me, smother me, and feed me…because sometimes…big ol’ tits make everything ok and make everything bad…good. Including Sophie Simmons.

I guess she’s not that bad, but that could just be the tits talking…and the real question in all this is does her brother jerk off to these pics…that’s what I want to know…

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