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Paris Hilton in a Bikini “DJing” in Ibiza Ice Bucket Challenge of the Day

Call me old fashioned, or maybe I am stuck in the past, but when I think of anything involving Paris Hilton in video, I want to see her getting fucked in it. Not doing some drag queen caliber performance for a crowd she is getting paid over 100k a gig to DJ for. Proving that DJing is a fucking joke and anyone can do it. It doesn’t require talent, it just requires a computer program. The scam of the generation…so it is only natural that Paris Hilton, also a scam of the generation, would be tainting in like her vagina has tainted so many good looking girls who have fucked Paris’ sloppy seconds…

That’s all I have to say about that.

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  1. Famous for being Rich says:

    In 2050 when poor people are dying from water shortage, they’ll look back at this truly repulsive poor little rich kid, and see her as the devil incarnate.

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