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Paris Hilton in a Bikini “DJing” in Ibiza Ice Bucket Challenge of the Day

Call me old fashioned, or maybe I am stuck in the past, but when I think of anything involving Paris Hilton in video, I want to see her getting fucked in it. Not doing some drag queen caliber performance for a crowd she is getting paid over 100k a gig to DJ for. Proving that DJing is a fucking joke and anyone can do it. It doesn’t require talent, it just requires a computer program. The scam of the generation…so it is only natural that Paris Hilton, also a scam of the generation, would be tainting in like her vagina has tainted so many good looking girls who have fucked Paris’ sloppy seconds…

That’s all I have to say about that.

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  • Famous for being Rich

    In 2050 when poor people are dying from water shortage, they’ll look back at this truly repulsive poor little rich kid, and see her as the devil incarnate.