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Alicia Keys Naked and Pregnant of the Day

Want to know something that I’ve never ever wanted to see in the history of my existence…I’m talking not in 2001 when her big song made her a breakout star…and not now… Alicia Keys nude, pregnant or not, promoting anything…

If anything, she’s the kind of girl who might as well not be a girl to me…and I don’t know why – I am sure she’s sweet, and lovely, like all these rich and famous people with staff and handlers are…and I am sure someone out there finds her hot…but for me…someone who will look at anyone naked…and I mean anyone…I mean you should see some of the girls I have gone down on, you’d throw up…but for some reason…a reason beyond pregnancy..this does nothing to me…and I guess that’s why I am compelled to post it…

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  • Andrew w

    I know why it does nothing for you. You’re a homosexual. All there is to it. I normally charge by the hour for solving people’s life questions like this, but since that took no time at all, I’ll give it to you for free.