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Serena Williams Models Lingerie of the Day

In things that I think should never happen in the history of humanity – here is Serena Williams modeling lingerie….becuase I guess at her level of rich and famous athlete, she can do whatever the fuck she wants….

Not to mention, I’ve met countless white dudes, who aren’t even Tennis fans, who think she’s the hottest thing ever, mainly because her ass has a mind and body of it’s own…it’s ridiculous…the kind of ass your penis can’t penetrate, even when you have a 14 inch penis…and the crazy thing in all this is that she only dates white guys, because let’s face it, tennis is pretty fucking White…

So maybe I am wrong about calling her “Jonathan Brandis in Ladybugs RIP” all these years…maybe thinking she was a boy, put in girls tennis, to make the family money was a misstep on my part…maybe she’s actually destined to do lingerie modeling…the next Victoria’s Secret model…you know the athlete edition for their sports line…they’ve let a Kardashian into their empire, at least Serena would make sense…

Here are the pics.

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