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Doutzen Kroes is Victoria’s Secreat Answer to Kim Kardashian of the Day


Doutzen Kroes is the Victoria’s Secret model who is married and has a bunch of babies with a black guy and by looking at these recent pics of her ass, I think we can all understand how that happened, I mean that’s a fucking ass…and black dude’s love ass. Is that a racist statement, is the one black dude who doesn’t like ass freaking out that I said that, is he saying “you racist fuck, all dudes love ass, not just black dudes, in fact I don’t even like ass, I like things in my ass, because I’m a little bitch”…

Either way, I normally hate on Victoria’s Secret, but never on their models, they do cast some serious babes, that’s why they end up becoming famous models all thanks to their marketing machine. It’s like they don’t even need to pay these girls, I mean they can just own them, like the livestock that they are to the brand…

Which doesn’t matter, what matters is how fat Doutzen’s ass is….I’m glad they’ve turned her into the Victoria’s Secret Kim Kardashian….

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