I'll Make You Famous…




Charlotte McKinney Naked for Attention of the DAy


Charlotte McKinney stretching, showing you her flexibility, the moves that would have been perfect for a stripping career but her dad is rich so she will never have to strip…at least not in the traditional way…but still strips in the sense of taking off her clothes, just instead of 10 dollars a song she does it to keep her name in the mix because she’s got the taste of fame…which we can assume tastes a lot like rich man semen that helped her get on TV….and now she’s scrambling to keep the famous for nothing alive…with big naturals…that I think are good enough to keep the famous alive…because all women should be paid according to their bra size – and the only reason they aren’t is due to the feminist movement of the 60s who we were forced to listen to – but if you ask any man – they’ll agree…tits are all that matters….so throw the rest of Charlotte McKinney away…

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