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Ariel Winter Dressed Like a Plump Juicy Strawberry of the Day


I fight the good fight, what would be called the misogynistic fight, where I feel the importance that celebrated women who get paid a lot of money and who get marketed by their team as hot – when she is not hot – must be called out for being not hot….

I learned at a young age that this was my calling…All the guys in my sixth grade class freaked out over a chubby downs syndrome inbred girl who looked like a burn victim – because she had tits…they’d freak out and talk about how hot she was – they’d try to get her in 7 minutes of heaven – or 7 inches in the closet as my teacher used to call it – before threatening to kill me if I told anyone….but I digress…this girl was busted…but guys due to peer pressure, false marketing, maybe having been around her since the first grade so that they were used to her…felt she was the hottest shit…and when I would say “dude, you’re gross that bitch looks horror movie villain”…because I’ve always been amazing…they’d all turn on me and call me a faggot – and I’d say “is this because of that 7 inches in the closet Mr Mason made me play”…

WHat I am getting at is you can be a believer all you want, you can love her tits, or jerking off to her when she was 12 and going through puberty all you want, you can cry when she got her reduction and rejoice when she still has tits after her reduction…but nothing you can say or do can make me think this bitch is anything but fat, sloppy, gross and overrated….and she’s dressed like a strawberry and not in a good way…



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