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Andreja Pejic in Dresses of the Day


Andreja Pejic is apparently an Australian model…but with a name like Andreja Pejic, it’s safe to assume that she was imported to Australia by some pervert dude in the sex trade….who bought her off some “Dark Web” message board…and realized she was tall and could pay back his initial investment a bunch of times over…

I guess when it comes to all models, they don’t really need to be Eastern European named to be deemed sex workers. They all hang out with rich guys for their money and lifestyle…like vapid little tarts…that it is safe to say they are…the second these girls see money, or exclusive parties, their vaginas fucking explode…even when they pretend to be down to earth…because I guess it’s easy to get sucked in, sucked up, while sucking in and sucking up the cum ejaculated from these dudes…

Jokes…Andreja Pejic is originally ANDREJ….born with penis…but has since had the penis removed….it started out as a male model and now this LA company is milking the trans movement to be controversial, or to have a story that PR will love…so they cast it…and I get joy out of knowing people don’t read the site and just see a babe in a dress showing some skinny model legs and tits…..when really there’s a very different story in those panties…one that involves dicks being cut off….but the PROSTATE still in place….LOLZ…so good….

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